Less time on the side of the road is huge for an Officer.

Police Officers talk about eCitation.

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All About Electronic Ticketing



 Your Guide to eCitation from Start to Finish

Start with the basics, what is ecitation?

Citations of Yesterday: Handwritten Citations

Citations of Today: eCitations

e Citation Equipment

An Introduction to Electronic Ticketing

Learn the problems with paper.

e Citation improves Officer safety and helps the community. Learn all the benefits here.

Learn about the equipment you need to get started.

What you will learn...

Funding Tips

Funding is hard to come by. Learn some investment tips.

eCitation with the 4910LR DL Reader

Purpose-built for Law Enforcement

Eliminate manual human error

Ergonomic form factor 

Scans in all lighting conditions

Gray-scale image capture capabilities for radar readings, signature capture, accident sketches and more.

Gets you off the curb, back on patrol, keeping our communities safe.

Introducing the Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR

All Things e-Citation!
Learn more, visit some helpful resources below:

Learn what an Officer has to say about the 4910LR's time savings, accuracy, speed, safety, and more.
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Learn how an Officer at St Matthews Police Department has gone from writing 10 to 30 traffic citations per week using the 4910LR DL reader.
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Many benefits of electronic ticketing are often overlooked. Learn about the benefits of increased awareness, saved time, improved personnel satisfaction, and data results.

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Get answers to the common question "What do I need in my patrol vehicle to set up an eCitation and incident reporting solution?" 
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Buffalo Valley PD was bogged down with paper citations and reports. Learn why they turned to eCitation with the 4910LR TraCS scanner here.
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Our Law Enforcement Solutions have been implemented in 40+ states nationwide across thousands of municipalities.
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Law enforcement client list

Gates PD had outdated DL readers that weren't scanning effectively.  Learn how the L-Tron scanner helped their agency.
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This guide gives you a comprehensive look into electronic citations while providing an outline for agencies to consider when addressing eCitation technology, funding and more.
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The new magnetic mount is offered as add-on enhancement to replace your mic clip that comes standard with the 4910LR.
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All About the 4910LR DL Reader

Video Gallery

Scanning performance in sunlight/daylight

Scanning performance in darkness

Image Capture: Crash Scene Sketch

Image Capture: Driver's License

How to scan a drivers license barcode

How to store the 4910LR in your squad car

Introducing the Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR

Supporting eCitation & Incident Reporting Equipment

Computer or Tablet

Mobile Printer

The Mounting System

Thermal Paper

PocketJet 7
thermal paper for law enforcement
Getac Tablet

A computing device is necessary for your eCitation solution. Rugged devices are ideal for the patrol vehicle, just like the Getac F110 (shown to the right) or the B300.
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You want to make sure you have a mobile printer than can withstand everyday use in a patrol-vehicle.  The Brother PocketJet 7 is no stranger to Law Enforcement.
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Continuous and perforated paper are available and compatible with the PocketJet Series.  We offer 21lb thermal paper with an archival of 10+ years. Click to learn more.

Getac F110

Brother PocketJet 7

LTC Continuous and Thermal Media

Havis is the gold standard for patrol vehicle mounts. Expert tip: make sure  that the mount you select is specifically built for your squad car make and model.
View Havis mounting equipment.

Havis Computer, Tablet and Peripheral Mounting

What about software?

Driver's license data input requires a software application to easily process citations, accident reports, warnings, or other incident reports.

There are both public-sponsored and private software applications.

Examples of public-sponsored applications include:


       TraCS   |   digiTICKET  |   MOVE   |   eCWS   |  SECTOR   |   E-TIX   |   KYOPS

The 4910LR can be configured to work with most public and private software applications.

What's in the News?

Read other press release announcements below:

Law Conference Schedule 


View the list of Law Enforcement Conferences we will be attending in 2018.  We will be exhibiting our newly refreshed 4910LR DL Reader for eCitation, OSCR360, as well as other in-vehicle solutions including: mobile printers, thermal paper, rugged computing devices, and mounting equipment.   Click to view the conference schedule.

Badge of Honor Association Hosts "Shop with a Cop" Event

December 12, 2017

The Badge of Honor Association held their annual “Shop with a Cop” event this weekend, supporting 4 families of fallen Police Officers.  Click to learn more.

L-Tron Featured in March 2018 LEPN Magazine

March 12, 2018

eCitation and OSCR360 were featured in the March 2018 Edition of LEPN (Law Enforcement Product News). This edition was featured patrol vehicle accessories and equipment.  Click to learn more.

IATAI logo

L-Tron Sponsors Free Forensic Photography Refresher Training

March 12, 2018

A free forensic photography refresher training course was help in Rochester, NY. The course concentrated on using your manual camera settings and getting out of 'auto' mode. Click to learn more.

IATAI logo

eCitation and the 4910LR Featured in Police Magazine

April 13, 2018

eCitation with the 4910LR Driver's License Reader is featured in the April 2018 edition of Police Magazine. Top features of the 4910LR are published in this issue. Click to learn more.

Honoring the Fallen for Police Week 2018

May 14, 2018

Police week is an annual event that honors the difficult work of Law Enforcement Officers and remembers those lost in the line of duty.  Click to read more.

Introducing the Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR DL Reader

May 29, 2018

The Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR was built from your voice. It is an add on enhancement to securely hold your dl scanner in place. It is easy to install, easy to use, and reduces distractions.  Click to read more.

What's the Word on the Street?

“I must say, dealing with your company has been a great experience. The promptness of the responses and communication has been outstanding and I will be recommending your company to everyone in the law field.  ”

- Scott, Chief of Police

"L-Tron's customer service representatives are wonderful! I ordered 16 LTron scanners and needed to have them delivered quickly. The representatives with whom I dealt were very professional and accommodating. THANK YOU!  "
-  County Deputy Clerk, AZ

"We have used these scanners for many years and they are one of the best units we've ever used, not once have we had any issue. I would recommend these to anyone."
-  Schenectady County

"I have used these scanners in multiple TraCS agencies on windows XP, 7, and 7 x64 platforms and these scanners have performed flawlessly and read incredibly fast. In almost 2 years with this model I have not had a single one fail."                                                     -  NY Police Department

 "You guys have great service and a knowledgeable staff. I've met with some of your staff in person at vendor tables during police conferences and L-Tron has also been good to us and listened to our concerns and ideas in the past. We have a good working relationship."
-  NY Police Department

"This [4910LR] scanner is f***ing awesome."
-  NY Officer

"The value for us is quicker turn around on jobs. Traffic stops and motor vehicle accident times are drastically cut when we use the 4910 to scan licenses and registrations. This makes our job easier, more efficient and gets us back on the road. When we have to manually enter data, we not only take longer but human error occurs. I don't know how many times I may have typed a name too fast and have transposed the letters only to find this out when I send my MVA in for review. The 4910 scans fast, accurate, and is very reliable."
-  NY Police Department

"I was using an old scanner that looked like a gun with a big, heavy cord on it - like those Walmart scanners. The lights didn't work and it was bulky. It wouldn't read in the sunlight. It wouldn't read when the license is faded. I ended up manually typing my tickets and hating it."
-  Officer Kuck

"I probably went from writing 10 citations a week to 30 with my new [4910LR] scanner."
-  Officer, South Carolina

 "Never fails - I can write over 2,400 tickets a year."
-  Officer, New York

"I had a license busted right in half. I held it together and it STILL scanned. Out-of-state licenses, in-state licenses, anything. They’re amazing."

 - Officer, New York

Specializing in hardware for today's squad car, our solutions have been implemented in thousands of municipalities across 50 states over the last 20 years.

Click to view our client list here.

Electronic Ticketing

Investigations, SWAT/ Tactical





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