Tax Day 2018

10 Fun Stats About Tax Day 2018

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Tax Day 2018 – April 17th   It’s that time of year again…Tax day has arrived! April 17, 2018 is the nation’s deadline and last day to file your federal and state income taxes. For some this means an extra boost in their bank account. For others, the exact opposite. In honor of tax season… Read More

Crime Scene Photography Terms

26 Common Crime Scene Photography Terms You Need to Know

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Common Crime Scene Photography Terms: What you need to know   L-Tron is sponsoring an upcoming Forensic Photography Refresher Course on Thursday, April 12, 2018. The training will be led by Sergeant Hank Kula (Ret.) and a current Sheriff’s Deputy. For more details on the event or to register click here. You must be a… Read More

Global Day of the Engineer header image

Global Day of the Engineer 2018 – Meet the L-Tron Engineers

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  Happy Global Day of the Engineer! This annual date is observed this year on April 4th, 2018. Engineers from all over the world come together to celebrate engineers in our families, workplace, and community. From new-grads to veterans, engineers are an integral part of a company. Intended to shine a spotlight on innovations and… Read More

Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick's Day

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

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  This week, the music group Celtic Woman will be touring with us here in Rochester, NY. Even though St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, we have everything Celtic on the brain with the upcoming concert, so we thought it’d be fun to dig into the holiday’s roots! Parades, corned beef and guinness, music,… Read More

Women's History Month Celebrates women like Sally Ride - First Woman in Space.

Women’s History Month: Starting the Fuss About Women of History

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Women’s History Month, originally celebrated in 1981, aims to celebrate women of history. Moreover, March is dedicated to remembering and encouraging the observation and celebration of the vital role that women play in our history. From scientists and engineers to teachers and artists, women nationwide have left their mark on our country, and THAT deserves… Read More

International Women’s Day 2018

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History International Women’s Day is celebrated in countries worldwide. The goal? To recognize women from all divisions, nationalities, ethnicities, cultural, economic, or political backgrounds for their achievements and successes and encourage equality. 1908 brought insurmountable oppression and inequality for women working in Industrialized America. This inspired women across the country to become more vocal and… Read More

Millennial Graduate Speaking: What I Wish I’d Known, Part 2

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Written by Alex Myers As Millennials, we get advice. A lot of advice. Some is helpful, while the rest is…not so much. If you’re interested in some free advice, from one Millennial to another, keep on reading. (And check out Part 1 of my blog found here for other advice!) Go the Extra Mile Work-Life… Read More

Millennial Graduate

Millennial Graduate Speaking: What I Wish I’d Known, Part 1

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Written by Alex Myers If you’re about to graduate from college or you’re a recent millennial graduate in your first “real job” this post is for you. Always be networking. Stand out. Be confident. Be professional, but be personable. Take leadership opportunities. The world is your oyster. Find what you’re passionate about. Your career is what… Read More

CSI Effect

Two sides of the story: CSI Effect

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Written by Carmella Giancursio Crime and courtroom dramas captivate millions of viewers worldwide, so it comes as no surprise to discover popular shows like CSI and Law and Order have huge impact off-screen. Many judges and attorneys report an increase in a phenomenon known as the “CSI Effect.” The CSI Effect is thought to be… Read More

flash bang vs light grenade

Light Grenade VS Flash Bang

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Written by Carmella Giancursio   Have you heard of a Light Grenade? Often when we ask people that question, the common response is a Light Grenade is a “flashbang” which may also be referred to as a “stun grenade” or “flash grenade”. Guess what? They’re wrong. What is a Light Grenade? A Light Grenade is… Read More