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What are the best Wi-Fi Routers & In-Car Communication Devices for Law Enforcement? 

In today’s digital world, uninterrupted communication is essential – and even more so within the public safety community. When it comes to first response, every situation has the potential to be critical. To this end, manufacturers have developed Wi-Fi routers and gateways specifically for emergency vehicle and squad car environments. These devices are small, rugged, and ready to be connected to essentially any communications network, leaving the lines of communication open all the time, even when public communication systems are failing. 

computers and tablets for law enforcement

The Officer’s Guide to ECitation: What does your patrol car need to stay current, efficient & safe? An In-Car Computer and Mount

Welcome back to our eCitation guide for your modern patrol car. As we discussed in Part 1, there isn’t one clear-cut answer to the question of what equipment a patrol car needs. Why? Because each agency is unique, with differing preferences and needs. What all agencies have in common is the need to best serve & protect their community.

tips for a virtual holiday party - our team's elfie

Company Culture: Tips for a virtual holiday party & keeping up your team’s holiday spirit

For many of us, 2020 has been the year that wouldn’t end. It’s been challenging in many ways and different than any year we’ve known in our lifetimes. At L-Tron, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of ups & downs, but we are so grateful that we’ve been able to continue serving our customers without interruption.  As 2021 approaches, here are some tips for throwing a virtual holiday party to celebrate your team.

L-Tron Office - COVID-19

Welcome to our newest team member, Gary

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, L-Tron began the process of hiring a new sales team member. We weren’t quite sure how to navigate hiring a new employee virtually, but our new employee, Gary, has helped to make the process pain-free. Welcome to the team, Gary!

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The Officer’s Guide to ECitation: What does your patrol car need to stay current, efficient & safe? A Driver’s License Scanner & Mount

What equipment does my patrol car need for eCitation?” There is no short answer here because every department is unique. When you consider the diverse demographics and statistics among agencies, then think about your department’s specific needs and budgetary restrictions, and finally factor in the existing equipment you may or may not already have, it becomes clear that your shopping list might look quite dissimilar to others. Read our Officer’s guide to eCitation & keeping your patrol car current, efficient and safe.

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National Salesperson Day – Meet your L-Tron Sales Team

In a career that is inevitably filled with its fair share of rejection – ignored calls, unanswered emails and the like – a salesperson undoubtedly has a tough job. Yet our sales team may not be what comes to mind as typical; each person is dedicated to our customers’ success – they’re problem solvers with a wealth of deep technology knowledge and experience. Your Success is Our Purpose.

the connected patrol car

What is the connected patrol car? How does your in-vehicle equipment work together?

What’s in your connected patrol vehicle?    Do you ever feel like fitting the gear and equipment into your squad car feels a bit like a puzzle? Patrol vehicles aren’t exactly roomy environments to begin with, and when they’re fully stocked with everything you need to do your job, protect & serve, the feeling is less than spacious.   …

What is the connected patrol car? How does your in-vehicle equipment work together? Read More »