building business processes

6 Tips to Help You Build Processes for your Business

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“It’s just easier to do it myself.” I cringe when I hear this statement. It represents short-term thinking. In the long run, it’s never easier to do it yourself, over and over again—unless you don’t value your time. By not systematizing tasks, you doom yourself to juggling more responsibilities than you should. A process presents a… Read More

internet of things IoT

The basics of the Internet of Things: What’s IoT and why do I need it?

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More and more, we’re hearing people talk about the Internet of Things. What are these “things” that seem to be driving a new wave in our culture? There are techie types who can explain IoT—because we need another acronym—in terms that resonate with all the clarity of that garbled voice at the drive-through. I thought… Read More


How L-Tron Began: Seeing the Future of Barcodes

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In these days of fast-paced changes, it takes a visionary leader to keep a company on track toward a bright future.  But you also have to start with a powerful vision. Starting in 1970  Back in the early 1970s, my father used to talk about barcodes. He saw them as a game-changer. I remember sitting… Read More


L-Tron receives Technology Business of the Year Award

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Since the beginning, L-Tron Corporation has centered on delivering excellence. That was 41 years ago, and our commitment to continually seek ways to improve hasn’t changed. We were honored to have our efforts recognized recently when we received the 2016 Technology Business of the Year Award, at the 12th Annual Victor Business Awards. The award is presented… Read More

cloud storage for enterprise

Top 10 Reasons to Move Your Enterprise to the Cloud

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There’s a great big cloud overhead. And enterprises seem to be shifting their data there. A recent Forbes article predicted that more than 60% of enterprises will move at least half of their infrastructure to the cloud by 2018. While some C-level executives are concerned about the security of putting their critical data and applications… Read More

2016 summer olympics

The Summer Olympics 2016 will have Olympic-Quality Technology

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For many people, the biggest event they will ever organize is a wedding. Now, imagine hosting a celebration that will take place over the span of 17 days with a “guest list” of over a million people and the “wedding party” consisting of 10,500 participants. That’s the colossal effort of hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics…. Read More

containterization for mobile device security

6 Tips to Help You Build a Secure BYOD Policy

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Consumer-styled devices—like smartphones and tablets—have blurred the lines between personal and professional lives. We’re so connected with these mobile devices that we take them everywhere, and using them for work purposes has become a natural extension. Many corporations accepted the use of employee-owned devices, and even gave the practice a name: Bring Your Own Device… Read More

self checkout

Can Retailers Pump up POS for a Better Shopper Experience?

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Retaining customer loyalty is a direct result of the quality of the shopper experience. Most shoppers will say the biggest bump in the path to purchase is the checkout—or specifically, the lines. Self-checkout has become less of a novelty as more retailers have invested in the POS technology to empower customers to handle this task… Read More

public private and hybrid cloud storage

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud: Which is best for your Enterprise?

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Cloud computing has given businesses greater flexibility for efficient workforce collaboration and data storage. Public cloud platforms, like DropBox and Box, are well-known to workers in the virtual world. But with enterprise security remaining a major concern for businesses, the debate of public cloud versus private cloud continues. Which is better for your enterprise? And… Read More


Problem Solving is a Team Sport

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I recently read a story about how a toothpaste factory solved a perplexing production problem: Some boxes were coming off the assembly line without having the toothpaste tube inserted—and they were shipping out that way. There was no way to identify and move the empty boxes off the line before shipping. The company invested $8… Read More