quirky is the new cool

Quirky is the New Cool.

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  Remember that girl in school who dressed a bit “weird”? She was goth long before goth became a trend. Or that guy in the office who never seemed to fit in? He may have been labeled “odd”.   I remember when someone who was covered in tattoos made heads turn, unacceptable? I know someone in law school who tattooed her… Read More

ChildFirst Solution Increases Efficiency for HHS and CPS Caseworkers

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  The teams of professionals at Health and Human Services (HHS) and Child Protective Services (CPS) agencies juggle heavy workloads. Their critical casework is weighed down with the mountain of paperwork required for each case—up to 400 reports and 2,500 pages per child. With the rigorous demands for a caseworker’s time, details can be missed…. Read More

IoT Security Risks: 4 Types of Cyber Attacks to be Aware Of

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded, with more embedded devices being adding every month. From fitness bands and smart appliances to remote patient monitoring devices and industrial equipment, the technology has not just captured the fascination of consumers and businesses, but hackers as well. IoT presents a new set of security risks that both… Read More

lean manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing: Work Leaner, Stay Safe

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  Lean manufacturing objectives target efficiency in the workplace. Eliminating wasted movement and reducing downtime are two ways that manufacturers can improve their operational efficiency and productivity. Learn more about lean manufacturing in this infographic. But it doesn’t come at the expense of worker or work environment safety. In fact, lean manufacturing should enhance the… Read More

IoT Security Risks: 4 Steps to Create a Cyber Risk Management Plan

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  Welcome back to the second installment in our series on IoT security risks. In part 1, we discussed the security vulnerabilities associated with embedded devices that are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, we will explore the cyber risks that your organization may face and address some proactive steps that you can… Read More

IoT vulnerabilities

IoT Security Risks: The Vulnerabilities

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  When it comes to IoT security risks, we know that there are many areas of potential vulnerabilities that we must be watchful of. We’ve become accustomed to data security threats, but the embedded devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) pose different challenges than those of the computers and mobile devices. Embedded device examples include:… Read More

children holding hands

Child Abuse Prevention is a Team Effort

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Throughout the year, there are so many special days, weeks and months that are dedicated to recognizing important individuals, groups and causes. One such month is happening now. April is “Child Abuse Prevention Month.” But, in my opinion, child abuse prevention shouldn’t need its own month. Instead, child abuse prevention should be a way of… Read More

jit vs lean manufacturing

JIT vs Lean Manufacturing: What’s the Difference

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  Lean manufacturing principles are implemented to improve quality and reduce waste. View an [Infographic]: What is Lean Manufacturing and how can it help you? Inventory represents one of the largest sources of waste in the manufacturing industry. Maintaining too much inventory—raw materials and finished products—absorbs excess cost in capital, inventory, and space. Inventory shortages… Read More

police support

The Cold, Hard Truth (and How to Make a Difference)

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The Story of a Dedicated Police Officer and How the Community can Help Not too long ago I was out to dinner with some girlfriends, and as we were catching up on life, I got to hear about new babies, a job layoff, an engagement story, a car accident and tales from a trip to Europe…. Read More

IoT for Manufacturing

4 Ways IoT Improves Manufacturing

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  The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to expand daily. The devices that connect with the cloud are touching every aspect of our culture—from the smart home to medical devices to the manufacturing industry. With the need to streamline manufacturing processes to work as efficiently as possible, the IoT provides many avenues for working smarter… Read More