AR & VR Offer Businesses a New Perspective

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Mobile technology revolutionized our culture. The unbridled freedom of access to everything we need, from anywhere we are. Now, we have virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. Once just a futuristic vision, “someday” has arrived. And businesses have the exciting opportunity to get a different perspective on their possibilities and choices. With VR,… Read More


How to Fix 5 Common Human Errors that Lead to Security Threats

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Human error is involved in 95% of security breaches. A seemingly simple mistake can lead to a major disaster. The 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study reported that human error was responsible for 25% of the data breaches that occurred in the US, resulting in an average mitigation cost of $198 per capita, and an… Read More

big data for the presidential election

Presidential election prediction: Was big data really at fault?

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Big data can be a powerful predictor. Businesses use it to identify opportunities for growth in new markets. Analysts have used big data to predict everything from Oscar winners to the outcome of the recent presidential election. Data analysts were equally confident that Leonardo DiCaprio would win the Academy Award for Best Actor last year, as… Read More

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The Feds are Putting Big Money into Big Data and Cloud Computing

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Over the past year of presidential campaigning, federal spending has been the subject of major discussion and debate. While some agencies are looking at significant budget cuts, the areas of big data and cloud computing will consistently make headway in the battle of the big bucks. GovWin, which tracks government contracting opportunities, recently issued a… Read More


2D Barcodes: 5 Reasons You Need Them

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Barcodes have been in use commercially for decades. 1D Barcodes As businesses recognized the value of storing more information in these linear codes, they realized that the good, old-fashioned 1D barcode—which stores the equivalent of approximately 20 to 25 alphanumeric characters—wasn’t enough. 2D Barcodes The 2D barcode has been around for over 10 years, but… Read More

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Machine Learning is Driving Healthcare Advances

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When it comes to the quality of patient care, we can’t ignore any source that provides viable insights. Machine learning is one such source…and it’s driving healthcare advances by offering diagnostic help that analyzes big data. Unsure what machine learning is? Click to learn more. How machine learning is used in healthcare: Cancer Research Cancer… Read More

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What is machine learning—and why does it matter?

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I’m fascinated with the power and potential of big data. Technology has enabled us to gather vast amounts of data. Then what happens? We analyze it to see patterns and shape predictions that can help us make better business decisions. Machine learning is an essential complement to big data. This type of artificial intelligence expedites… Read More

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Fuzzy Logic in Real Life

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The world is not all in black and white, A or B, true or false. There are degrees of correctness somewhere in the middle (unless you’re talking about barcodes, of course). Think about how we talk: Do you want to eat, yes or no? I’m a little hungry, but not starved. Do you believe me… Read More

cloud computing

How Secure is the Cloud for Enterprise Computing?

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Businesses are facing a challenge with their enterprise computing. Should they go to the cloud or keep their data on a “secure” in-house server? Every time a major data breach is reported (e.g., Target in 2013, Home Depot in 2014), decision-makers challenge the cloud’s security. In reality, those data breaches were caused by human error,… Read More

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Production Visibility: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

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In a perfect world, businesses would be able to count on a stable cost for raw materials, predictable customer demands, and reliable suppliers. These days, we’d be glad to have any one of those factors. Manufacturers need supply chain visibility from end to end, that has the agility and flexibility to adapt to fluctuations in… Read More