What is OSCR360?

What is OSCR360? Everything to Everyone

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What is OSCR360?   One tool that does everything.   From Spork to Swiss army knife, since at least (201-300 A.D.) the human race has crammed convenience and functionality into singular forms. Whether gear, or strategic approach, today the “multi-tool” reigns supreme.   In the public safety sector, the OSCR360 spherical photographic solution, began as… Read More

2018 4910LR Promo

The 2018 4910LR Promo is Back!

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Well, it’s that time of the year again! Baked goods, holiday decor, hot cocoa and sparkling lights. The air is getting colder, UPS drivers are working overtime, and there are carols playing everywhere you go. Ok…so this actually isn’t going to be one of those blogs. This time of year in the law enforcement profession… Read More

Forensic Photography Refresher Course

Refreshing Forensic Photo Skills is a MUST for a Crime Scene Technician

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  That little green AUTO icon on your camera is forensic evil.   If you’re a crime scene technician, you’ve heard this for years; yet you admit you didn’t listen. Human nature took over. Blame your ancestors if you wish. Laziness is a trait left over from our ancestors’ need to conserve energy to hunt…. Read More

It's a fluid situation

Taking Water for Granted – It’s a Fluid Situation

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It’s a fluid situation.   We take water for granted.  Why shouldn’t we?  It’s everywhere. It covers approximately 71 percent of the earth’s surface and makes up about 60 percent of our bodies.   We are literally bodies of water.  It’s our very being.   But according to the international non-profit World Concern, an estimated… Read More

World Concern to Provide Clean Water

Partnering with World Concern to Provide Clean Water

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Last year, RAD and Gayle’s son, Rob, traveled to Africa to visit a village sponsored by World Concern, an international non-profit organization that partners with the most impoverished countries in the world, teaching and working alongside villages to create viable, long-term progress. On his trip, Rob spent time in Maramara, a village in Eastern Chad… Read More

Oscar 360

Oscar 360 versus OSCR360

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Oscar 360 or OSCR360: What do our dog and our 360-degree crime & crash solution have in common?   The secret is out.. Allow me to provide a little clarity surrounding our friendliest co-worker and our newest custom-built solution.   Meet Oscar Oscar 360 is our happiest co-worker, self-proclaimed mascot and the furriest member of… Read More

103rd International Association for Identification

103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Conference Wrap Up

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Travel a 20-year detour in public service, stick to your standards, add some professional doubt, and you just might surpass your career goals after all. That’s what L-Tron Corporation’s Andrew McNeill did last month at the 103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Educational Conference.   The retired Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy and certified IAI Senior Crime… Read More

pulled over

Roadside Safety: What should I do if I get pulled over?

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  What should I do if I get pulled over? How you can make it easier on yourself, and Law Enforcement?   You’re cruising along the highway, humming along to your favorite song, and thinking about your weekend plans. No, this isn’t the start of a sweet country song – next thing you know you spot… Read More

9/11 never forget

9-11 And The Everyday

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  It was an everyday morning.  Almost.   The only thing out of ordinary was I had to put my uniform on early, well before my tour, and get to court.  The rare subpoena for Family Court was the source of my irritation at everything and everyone between me and there.  Of course, me –… Read More

Police Officers & Suicide

Mental Health: How Suicide Calls can Affect Officers

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False narratives disguised as advice are dangerous.   New York Times comprehensive coverage of suicide after the deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain held one disappointment. In the piece “What to Do When a Loved One Is Severely Depressed,” a mental health expert offers that in some cases, calling 911 may… Read More