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Track & Trace

Track and trace automation will enhance your operational efficiencies.

When you have 100% visibility on inventory, finished goods, important documents and other assets, company resources are utilized in a more cost-effective manner, unnecessary expenses are reduced and your customer satisfaction will increase.

Supplier quality control increases when real-time information regarding lot level or item level detail is available throughout your supply chain:

  • Better management of expired or recalled products
  • Preventive measures to limit counterfeit material
  • Greater integrity of your goods
  • Tighter operational security

An effective solution will offer a robust software application, RFID/barcode scanning and printing equipment ideal for your environment, RFID tags or barcode labels, and other necessary tools to serialize your materials.

Organizations who proactively adopt a traceability solution will reduce operational bottlenecks and instances of contaminated or counterfeit product and will improve brand image in food, pharmaceutical and many other industries.  Our best-of-breed solutions can integrate seamlessly with your ERP system.


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