We provide hardware & software solutions to automate data collection for many different size companies and the public sector.

Listening is essential. We’re not going to approach you with a cookie cutter solution.
We want to hear about your needs, thoughts and challenges.
Then, we’ll tackle the problem together.

Your Success is Our Purpose

we partner with you


Think of our team as part of your own team. We work alongside you from our initial consultation, through order fulfillment, and beyond.

L-Tron engineers

Creative Problem Solvers

Backed by 40 years of research, experience, knowledge and innovation, we uncover your challenges – big or small – and develop a plan together.


The Right Solution

By listening and asking the right questions, our team delivers valuable results.
We want your business to thrive.

Exceptional Quality & Service

We are highly devoted to clients, demonstrating our commitment by operating with excellence, integrity and quality. L-Tron is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. 

Lasting Support

Clients are the heart and soul of L-Tron. We proactively communicate and our knowledgeable team is readily available to provide lifetime technical support. 

What You Can Expect

“We believe in digging deeper into what customers are asking for. We use a discovery process that includes asking questions and uncovering real business needs. We want to know how the workers do their jobs and where the bottlenecks and inefficiencies exist to deliver a cost-effective result benefiting you and those you serve.”
– RAD DeRose; L-Tron CEO, Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer

Standard Hardware Solutions

standard hardware

We pride ourselves on not being an ‘Amazon.’

Our team brings deep knowledge, expertise, and experience with thousands of clients across the country. You have immediate access to our team and we work alongside you from the initial order, through order fulfillment & beyond.  We listen, ask the right questions, and help you determine exactly the right product fit for your application.

Pre-Configured Solutions

l-tron engineering

Engineering together through creative problem solving.

Creative problem solving is what we do. Let us help you pre-configure an existing product, firmware or software to do exactly what you need it to do. Our highly skilled team includes engineers who tackle problems of any size while delivering to our 100% quality, zero defect standard. We ship directly to you or your clients.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Bringing your vision to life.

Your engineering partner for as much or as little engineering support as you need. We innovate. We creatively problem solve. We work to bring the vision to life. We engineer hardware and software solutions to a variety of specs including: performance, size, symbology, delimiters, distance, interface, connectivity, firmware, lighting, unit configuration, and more. 

"We dream up the practical technological solution- we do the R&D and testing, prototyping, coding, interfacing with the client, we bring the vision to life."

Trey, L-Tron Research and Development Engineer

L-Tron Products

voice of customer

Purpose-built from your voice.

What starts as a custom engineered solution, created from the voice of our clients, often evolves into a mainstream product.

You are the first to recognize a need in your industry. We collaborate to create products and solutions from your voice and feedback. Examples include: L-Tron’s 4910LR DL Reader and OSCR360. Solutions are deployed across the country.

Brand Partners

We carefully select our partners to add value by offering exceptional products and solutions along with fast and responsive technical support and customer service. Our premier partnership status means are better able to serve you by bringing innovative and cost effective solutions.

Meet Your Team

Everything we do is centered around the voice of our clients. We work directly with you – whether you are on the manufacturing floor, in a cop car, at a crime scene, working at a fortune 100 company or a small local business. Our company culture is built on helping others outside and inside our four walls. We solve your challenges so you can better serve your customers.
Get to know us! We are quirky to the max, dedicated, and passionate about what we do.

Note: Our team image was taken pre COVID-19

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