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Mobile POS Solutions

Interested in improving customer experience, sales & store operations?

Mobile Point of Sale (POS) enables these benefits! By empowering sales teams and engaging customers, Mobile POS allows retailers, restaurants, and any other customer-focused business to ultimately offer an unsurpassed customer experience.

Some of the typical POS headaches you may have experienced in the past include:

  • Lost customers due to: 
    • Poor customer experience
    • Long lines
    • Internet shopping with competitors in-store
  • Poor inventory visibility
  • A disconnect between POS and back office programs
  • Lack of floor space for products
  • Inability to make mobile transactions (i.e. festivals, sidewalk sales)

In competitive environments such as the retail and restaurant industries, top-notch customer experience drives repeat customers.

Mobile POS

Key Features of a Mobile Point of Sale Solution:

  • Increase in revenue and yield a positive return on investment
  • Check out customers without leaving the floor
  • Enhanced customer experience with employee-customer engagement
  • More empowered and knowledgeable workforce
  • Increased sales due to better customer engagement, shorter lines, and heightened inventory awareness

Mobile POS is an ideal solution for virtually any retail environment, including:

  • Boutique clothing stores
  • Salons and spas
  • Shoe stores
  • Restaurants
  • Home improvement stores
  • Mobile retail (festivals, food trucks)
  • Field sales/service (HVAC, plumbing, etc.)
  • Sports arenas and fan shops

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