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4910LR DL Reader Driver


For a quick link to download the 4910LR Driver, click the button below.

Downloads, Drivers and additional Support Links

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General Support

Remote Desktop Support
This is the tool our engineers use to view your computer remotely. Call us at 800-830-9523 x115 before clicking on this link.

4910LR Driver’s License Reader Driver & Support

4910 Installation Instructions
Installation instructions for the 4910LR License reader 2D Imaging scanner.

Honeywell certified USB Serial Driver with Silent Install Support
See the release notes for supported devices that include: 4910/3310/3320/4810/1900/4600/4702/5180/5680. Driver Release 3.5.32

Activate TraCS Defaults
Reset your scanner to TraCS Defaults.

Additional 4910LR Support Information

The 4910LR has a physical USB interface to your computer. There are three communication mode options. The software application you are scanning into determines which mode the 4910LR should be set to.

USB COM. This is the default. In this mode, the scanner appears to the computer as a serial device. This mode requires installation of the driver on this page. Once installed, the 4910LR will appear in Device Manager under Ports as a 33xx Area Imaging Scanner and will have a virtual COM Port. Your software application and barcode scanner must be set to the same COM port for the barcode data to be received by the application.

USB HID. You will need to scan the programming code in the installation instructions to set the scanner to this mode. No driver is required as the support is built into Windows. In Windows 10, the 4910LR will appear in Device Manager as a POS Barcode Scanner.

USB Keyboard. You will need to scan the programming code in the installation instructions to set the scanner to this mode. No driver is required as the support is built into Windows. In this mode, the 4910LR will appear in Device Manager under Keyboards as an HID Keyboard Device. The data encoded in a barcode will be sent to the computer as keyboard input wherever your cursor is active.

Please contact us for additional information on 4910LR configuration options.

Note: The 4710LR and the 4810LR have been replaced by the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader. Launching in 2004, the 4710 was the first of L-Tron’s purpose built eCitation DL readers. Evolving to a second gen in 2008, the 4810 was launched. Both the 4710 and 4810s have been replaced by the 4910LR. Learn more about the 4910LR here.

Brother Support: PocketJet 6 and Brother PocketJet 7 Drivers

Brother PocketJet 7 Printer Driver
The Brother PockeJet 7 is the latest generation of the PocketJet mobile printers. Printing up to 8 pages per minute, the PJ7 is 33% faster than the PJ6. New to the PocketJet 7? Click for more on PJ7 Features.

Brother PocketJet 622 Printer Driver

Brother PocketJet 623 Printer Driver

Brother PocketJet 662 Printer Driver

Brother PocketJet 663 Printer Driver

Brother Support: Perforated Paper Instructions

Perforated Paper Installation Instructions (For PocketJet printers)

Click here for more information on our Partnership with Brother Mobile Solutions.

TraCS and Image Capture Support

TraCS Support
Click to visit our TraCS support page.

TraCS-SECTOR-KYOPS Imaging Scanner Installation
Law Enforcement Software Setup.

TraCS 10 Scanner Auto Detect

Scan sheet to enable signature validation in TraCS 7.3.

OSCR360 Support

OSCR360 Support Page
Access immediate support options for the OSCR360 desktop software and the OSCR360 capture kit.

OSCR360 Viewer Download
Request a free download of the OSCR360 Software Viewer.

Misc Support Links:

Utility Applications & Device Configurations

QuickView Utility Application V 4.1.3
Windows-based software program that displays decoded symbol messages and captured images from the IT4410 and IT4710 products. May also be used to program the IT4410/4710 using RS232 serial commands.

EZ Config Version 4.5.34
Honeywell scanner configuration utility Version 4.5.34.

EZ Config Version 3.5.13
Honeywell scanner configuration utility Version 3.5.13.

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