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TraCS Support

What is TraCS?

TraCS interfaces with imaging barcode scanners to read PDF417 AAMVA DL/ID standard compliant barcodes from driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations, while also taking and attaching digital pictures. The data from the barcodes is read into TraCS and can then be used throughout the application by any TraCS form making individual, vehicle, and carrier data entry a simple two-click process. This software application allows you to easily process ecitations, crash reports and incident reports. Click for more on ecitation software. 

Most state driver’s licenses contain a PDF417 barcode on the back. This barcode typically contains all of the information that is listed on the front of the license. Other state documents such as vehicle registrations and commercial motor vehicle CAB cards that contain PDF417 barcodes are also readable by TraCS, as long as they were encoded using the same AAMVA standards for driver’s licenses. The standards for non DL/ID barcodes are still being developed. TraCS is not capable of reading barcodes that significantly deviate from the AAMVA standard or barcodes that are encrypted.

TraCS can use the 4910LR Driver’s License scanner to take and attach digital pictures of signatures, diagrams or attachments on TraCS forms. This technology is commonly used to document suspected fake ID’s, attach a picture of the ID to the citation form, and to capture signatures in those states where a signature is needed.

Using the 4910LR DL scanner as a camera requires TraCS and the 4910LR scanner to be set up in bi-directional communication, both looking at the same USB virtual communication port.

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