Electronic Ticketing, eCitation

What is Electronic Ticketing, eCitation?

What is Electronic ticketing, eCitation?

Commonly known as eCitationelectronic ticketing is a faster and more efficient way to generate reports and citations in the patrol vehicle. Capturing driver’s license (DL) information electronically by scanning the DL barcode, and or bar-codes from registrations or other forms, officers can complete their reports easily, quickly and error-free.


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How Long does it take you to hand-write citations?

Hand writing citations is very time consuming and officers jeopardize their safety by spending too much time curbside using a manual process.

Handwritten citations can take 15 – 20 minutes or longer to complete; by using an electronic citation process the average time of stop, data run and ticket entry is between 4-5 minutes. Getting you off the curb quicker and back on patrol keeping your communities safe.

Moving to an error-free citation system, e-Citation speeds up the process and drastically reduces the number of illegible tickets.

See the simple eCitation workflow below:

[Video]: Handwritten vs electronic citations

Hear from three officers as they talk to the benefits of electronic citations with a 4910LR DL Reader compared to manually handwriting traffic citations.

What are some of the benefits?


No more hand writing the same forms over and over. The average time spent on an eCitation is reduced to 4-5 minutes!


Eliminate illegibility errors and reduce your dismissals.


Improve your operational efficiency. Citations can be sent immediately from the squad car to the courthouse.


Improve your officer's safety. Get them off the dangerous side of the road ASAP.


Less time on the side of the road means more time spent on patrol for your community.

Budget Savings

Reduce the need for grant writing.

your guide to ecitation

Your Guide to ecitation from start to finish

An introduction to Electronic ticketing

Start with the basics, what is ecitation?

Citations of yesterday & today

Learn the problems with paper. Learn how ecitation assists with Officer safety and help the community.

eCitation equipment

Learn about the equipment you need to get started.

Funding Tips

Funding is hard to come by. Discover investment tips.

Additional resources

Take a look at some other helpful electronic ticketing resources.
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Click to visit our eCitation Resource Center.

Video: An Officer's Perspective

Learn what an Officer has to say about the 4910LR's time savings, accuracy, speed, safety and more.

Case Study: How a SC Agency uses the 4910LR

Learn how an Officer at St Matthews Police Department has gone from writing 10 to 30 traffic citations per week using the 4910LR DL reader.

your guide to ecitation

Guide: Your Guide to eCitation from Start to Finish

This guide gives you a comprehensive look into electronic citations while providing an outline for agencies to consider when addressing eCitation technology, funding and more.


Most frequent questions and answers

First you need to find out what mobile reporting software you are using or going to be using.
Mobile reporting software is required to receive driver’s license data allowing you to process citations and incident reports.  There are many public and private software applications available.
Supported public sponsored applications include: TraCS, MOVE, eCWS, KYOPS, SECTOR, and E-TIX. Let us know if you have any questions on ecitation software.

To outfit your entire vehicle from start to finish requires 9 different components.
Squad car e-citation equipment set ups include:

  • A purpose built driver’s license scanner with a mic form factor PN 4910LR
  • NEW! Mag mount for the 4910LR DL reader
  • An MDT/ Computer or Tablet
  • A mobile printer, like the popular Brother PocketJet7
  • Thermal paper
  • Mounts and Cradles
  • Power Supply
  • Don’t forget about the software

View a full list of eCitation equipment, descriptions and valuable information here: 
Patrol Vehicle Equipment

Driver’s license data input requires a software application to easily process citations, accident reports, warnings, or other incident reports. Both public sponsored and private software applications are available and we can help recommend the best software application for your agency.

Examples of public-sponsored applications include:

  • TraCS
  • digiTICKET
  • MOVE
  • eCWS
  • E-TIX

The 4910LR DL Reader can be configured to work with most public and private software applications.

There are several mounting options available for the PocketJet7 including armrest, headrest and universal mounts.  Other options are available for 4” printers.

3000+ municipalities across all 50 states have deployed our Law Enforcement equipment.

Click to view a list of agencies who work with us.

What's the Word on the Street?

Electronic Ticketing eCitation

We have been serving the Public Sector for 20 years.
Our offerings are purpose-built for you.  The 4910LR is a result of working directly with Law Enforcement to design a tool that fits your in-car needs.  After listening to your voice; we built the 4910LR mag mount and released it in 2018. 
The 4910LR DL reader is deployed in 2,000 + municipalities in all 50 states. Click here to see who we work with. We thank you for your partnership with us and for your business!  Below  are just a few of your notable comments:

“This [4910LR] scanner and mag mount is f***ing awesome.”


We only select best of breed products for Law Enforcement. Here are some of the companies
we are proud to partner with to bring you the best equipment to outfit your patrol vehicle.
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