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with the 4910LR  DL Reader

The 4910LR is on NYS Contract PT66773, Contract pricing is available to ALL States

eCitation using the 4910LR DL Reader purpose-built for Law Enforcement gets you off the curb, back on patrol, keeping our communities safe

Efficiency. Accuracy. Performance. Form Factor

[Watch] An Officer's Perspective on the 4910LR 

Learn what an Officer has to say about the 4910LR's  time savings, accuracy, speed, safety, and more.


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*Software Compatibility

Software is required to receive driver's license data and process citations, warnings, accident reports, or incident reports. 

The 4910LR driver's license reader can be configured to work with most public and private e-Citation and accident reporting software applications.

Supported public-sponsored applications include:

TraCS       |     digiTICKET  |     MOVE      |      eCWS      |      KYOPS     |      SECTOR     |      E-TIX     |

The 4910LR is certified by 20+ independent software vendors.

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Get your hands on the 4910LR DL Reader

Purpose-built for electronic ticketing (eCitation) and incident reporting