Focus Forward with the

 Magnetic Mount  

magnetic mount for the 4910lr

The 4910LR is a DL reader purpose built from your voice for e-citation, crash, and incident reporting deployed in thousands of municipalities. Learn more about the 4910LR here.

Secure the 4910LR DL Reader in your patrol vehicle. Reduce distractions & improve your safety.

Quick Disengagement

When ready to use the TraCS scanner, easily pull it off the magnetic mount. The DL reader will also still work when attached to the mount for quick and easy use.

Secure the 4910LR

The mag mount eliminates the need to try and slide the 4910LR into the MIC style clip. Keep the 4910LR DL scanner off the floor, out of the cup holder or airborne. Not all 3rd party adaptors are compatible with the 4910LR. Our design uses a low-profile, recessed metal plate.

Focus Forward

Keep your eyes on the motorist and not on the equipment.

Maintain your situational awareness.

[Video] Just for Fun Mag Mount

What is the 4910LR Magnetic Mount?


FREE 4910LR Magnetic Mount

*with your 4910LR DL Reader purchase



Promotion Rules

*This offer is for purchases of 4910LR DL readers only. 

*One free magnetic mount per 4910LR purchase.

*This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional pricing, special offers or quantity discounts. 

*This offer applies to single-piece, end user, & contract pricing. 

*This offer is void where prohibited by law. 


Part Number:  4910LR-MM

This promo has ended. Please check back for our next offer.


" Anybody that’s used these old mounts with the plastic knows that they can break off. Sometimes you’ll see the scanners in a cup holder, or sometimes they fall on the seat, and it’s not a good idea to have to go looking for it while you’re at a traffic stop. You want to maintain eye contact with the driver of the vehicle.  Having [the TraCS scanner] closer to you, and not able to move – those magnets are really strong – it makes me feel better at least. "

- New York Police Officer

Word on the Street...

A Police Officer talks to why he uses the 4910LR Magnetic Mount.

Specializing in hardware for today's squad car, our solutions have been implemented in thousands of municipalities across 50 states over the last 20 years.

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