Use this barcode generator to create bar codes unique to your application! You can create 1D and 2D barcodes in various symbologies including: UPC codes, QR codes, Code 39, Code 128, etc.

Follow these steps to generate your barcode:

  1. Select your barcode type
  2. What do you want your barcode to say?
  3. Add a caption and/or customize
  4. Click “Generate Barcode”
  5. Save your custom barcode as a PNG or JPEG or print it!

Note: The L-Tron Barcode Generator is a free service and does not include any sort of guarantee or technical support. Accessing this barcode generator with an automated script is strictly prohibited. If you need a more advanced barcode application, please call us or look at these bar code label creation applications.

Looking to generate and print multiple barcodes at once?

Consider these options:

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