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Engineering and Sales Support Teams

About your Solutions and Engineering team

Meet our Engineering Team! They’re extremely knowledgeable, proficient problem solvers, and…as quirky as they come!


President & Chief Executive Officer
Time at L-Tron: 8 years

Former Life: MBA student

Interests: Family and shooting sports


Solutions Engineer
Time at L-Tron: 21 years

Former Life: It's always been L-Tron!

Interests: Gardening, golf


Director of Engineering
Time at L-Tron: 7 years

Double Life: Flies on the side

Interests: Wine & beer enthusiast, pilot, canoeing, camping...

Our Sales Team has been around since L-Tron’s inception – and what a team it is! You may meet them during their travels or you might speak to them on the phone, but regardless of the type of interaction you have, we’re confident that this L-Tron team can answer your questions and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Sales Representative
Time at L-Tron: 10 years

Also Known As: Company BBQ Master

Interests: Scuba diving, travel


Sales Representative
Time at L-Tron: 7 years

Former Life: Marketing

Interests: Hockey


OSCR360 Account Manager
Time at L-Tron: 2 years

Also Known As: OSCR (360’s) Partner

Interests: Travel and exploring new places, American Cancer Society volunteer work


dev team

Say hello to our Development Team! We rely on them to develop our website and build your applications to your specifications. These talented coders are problem-solvers extraordinaire.


Director of Platform Development
Time at L-Tron: 4 years

Also Known As: Oscar (the dog’s) owner

Interests: 3D printing, home automation, microcontrollers, billiards, eating garbage plates


Office Dog
Time at L-Tron: 4 years

Also Known As: The office dog

Interests: Running laps around the office, treats, and having lunch with Cathy


operations team

Our Operations Team keeps our office running smoothly on a daily basis! Whether keeping the office stocked with supplies, kitting and shipping products to customers, or ensuring the highest quality service and product, this team is invaluable to our company!


Operations Quality Manager
Time at L-Tron: 2 years

Double Life: The biggest HEART fan

Interests: Traveling, attending live concerts, staying fit and healthy


Quality Process Lead
Time at L-Tron: 7 years

Former Life:

Interests: Caring for her “babies” Bella and Molly (puppies), zumba


Accounts Receivable
Time at L-Tron: 5 years

Former Life:

Interests: Being with family, walking, reading

Law Enforcement Educator Team

law enforcement support team

We recently began a Law Enforcement branch of the L-Tron Team and the members collectively boast an impressive 100+ years of law enforcement experience and a variety of college degrees and specialized training certifications. You can count on our Law Team to “tell it like it is,” using their firsthand experience to help you problem solve, answer questions, and educate you on the latest technology trends in Law Enforcement!


Law Enforcement Support
Time at L-Tron: 5 years

Former Life: Law Enforcement Forensic Science

Interests: Kickboxing, travel, photography


Law Enforcement Support
Time at L-Tron: <1 year

Former Life: New York State DEC

Interests: CSI


Meet L-Tron’s Educator Team! With over 30 years of collective marketing experience and degrees in New Media Marketing, Communications, and Journalism to name a few, our Educator Team is fun-loving and creative to the max! They are your go-to for social media, blogs, content, culture, and company events. Learn more about the evolution of the L-Tron M-Team here.


Marketing Manager
Time at L-Tron: 7 years

Also known as: Our Media Guru & Company Spokesperson

Interests: Horseback riding, running half marathons, yoga, trying new things


Time at L-Tron: 12 years

Former Life: Elementary School Teacher

Interests: Family time, travel, cooking, reading, volunteering in children’s ministries

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