Balancing Technology
& Situational Awareness

“We strongly value the law enforcement community. We want to express our gratitude by providing educational opportunities on best practices whenever possible.”                                                  - CEO RAD DeRose

L-Tron has funded and done research for over two years on this topic. We are collecting more and more information everyday, and continue to find new information. 

The goal is to compile our research

and feedback to create best practices surrounding technology and how to use it to increase situational awareness.




The average amount of time Police Officers spend in their patrol car

What Resources are Available?


Distracted Patrol: Managing the 21st Century Technology Tightrope


At the Intersection of Situational Awareness & Technology


5 Tips to Enhance a Situational Awareness Mindset


Situational Awareness &


6 Tips to Prevent Distracted Patrol

A message from L-Tron

"Our commitment to law enforcement goes beyond providing technology in the patrol vehicle. We value each officer's service and want to give back in any way we can. " 

RAD DeRose, CEO  &  Gayle DeRose, COO

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