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Security that works for you

Experience 100% ROI in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years

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Security doesn't have to be a hassle: eSignatures are proven to be both more efficient and more secure than their ink-and-paper counterparts



Top Sellers - LCD Pads

These Topaz signature capture pads feature an LCD interactive display which show the signature on both the computer screen and signature pad.

Financial Firms & Banks



Legal Firms


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'Tax Season is Here, Get your Topaz Signature Pad Ready'

Placed a phone call to get advice on the pad. The gentleman I talked to on the phone was great. He answered all my questions and I placed the order right away. The Sig Pad arrived in two days like he said and worked right away with my POS. I would order from you again. Thanx                                                                                                                                   - Grafton True Value

I have used the Topaz for several weeks in our income tax service. Each client signs their name from 2 to 10 times in rapid succession. It is proving to be extremely reliable.  
                                                                - Dale, Wisconson

Ordered a touchpad and received a call from the company within the hour to verify I had ordered the right touchpad. When my software was confirmed, the man said it would be shipped right away. I was really surprised to receive it in only two days! I called customer service to inquire about the driver, the man stayed on the line and instructed me step-by-step through testing the pad to make sure it was working. WOW, is all I can say (PS: I am not usually impressed and do not write reviews, but this company blew me away!)
                                                                 - Mary Ann, Florida