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Asset Tracking

An Overview of Asset Tracking

What is a fixed asset?

Anything of value that an organization uses internally and remains constant. Fixed assets can include:

  • Office equipment
  • Mobile tools
  • Important documents or files
  • Inventory
  • Other costly materials critical to your business success.

Tracking fixed assets, supplies and inventory using a manual process is time consuming and subject to human error.

If resources are missing/stolen or inaccurate data is recorded, your business incurs unnecessary expenses which impact your bottom line. Automated asset tracking allows your equipment, supplies and other materials to easily be located, valued and managed. Our complete hardware and software solutions are fully customizable to fit your requirements and are guaranteed to deliver ROI.

How can asset tracking help?

  • Reduce the number of missing or stolen assets
  • Augment equipment check-in/check-out process
  • Increase visibility with real-time information by tracking assets
  • Improve your bottom line and “stop the bleed”

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