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In addition to Law Enforcement, we work alongside Child Protective Services, Fire Departments, Emergency Management and the DEC to pre-plan for emergency response, provide on-scene documentation, and analyze, train and prosecute post-incident. We know that data – or more specifically, the collection, storage and presentation of data – is incredibly powerful. Our job is to provide you with the right tools and training you need to unleash that power and improve public safety. We’ve partnered with the public sector for 20 years, listening to your needs and delivering results.


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The OSCR360 system consists of a capture kit and desktop software. 
Quickly take 360 degree full spherical images with the capture kit and immediately view images on the OSCR tablet; using the OSCR software add in your multimedia evidence and view a full virtual tour of the scene. OSCR’s software was created from the voice of first responders; and per your request is simple and easy to use. 

Everywhere – Every Time – Every Place.

Preparedness Pre Incident; On Scene; Post Incident & Training

"Mr. DiMarco, thank you for reaching out to the Chicago Fire Department Office of Fire Investigations. Your representative Alex Myers was an excellent ambassador to represent the OSCAR Software Program. Her intelligence, expertise with the product and dedication to the mission of the L-Tron Corporation to deliver a superior program to photo document the investigative process was clear and impressive to all members that she had contact with during her visit to the Unit. I will be meeting with [our] Cmdr. and requesting his permission to initiate a research project on the potential to utilize the OSCAR Camera and Software Program within the Chicago Fire Department Office of Fire Investigations Unit."
Special Case Fire Marshal
Chicago Fire Department


What if you were able to spend less time on paperwork and more time with the families you serve?

With the ChildFirst Mobile Solution, CPS and DSS Caseworkers can deliver better outcomes to children and families in their care. Helping you aid children by reducing the massive amounts of paperwork you face on a daily basis.

“I am able to assess for location, as well as safety and accountability for my workers while they are out in the field.” 
Amy, Supervisor In-Home Services
Lee County Youth Development Center