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Touch Monitors

L-Tron Corporation is a leading provider of Advantech, Elo Touch Systems and Miracle Business Touch Screen Systems.  Monitors range from 12” to 46” and are used for a range of applications including Digital Signage, Retail, Hospitality, Medical, Gaming, Industrial and Transportation.

L-Tron supplies the Advantech, Elo, and Miracle lines simply because they are superior to other lines.  It is our firm belief that you will not find a more proven solution anywhere else.  Touch interfaces range from Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR), Accutouch, Intellitouch, Infrared to Resistive and they are all optimized for different operating environments.

Whether your application calls for NEMA, IP65, vandal-proof or sunlight readable, L-Tron will work with you to supply a touch screen product that will exceed your requirements and remain durable over time.  Please contact L-Tron today for a quality, cost-effective Advantech, Elo Touch Systems or Miracle Business touch screen solution.


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