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What is Our Purpose?

About L-Tron: Your Success is Our Purpose

We help our clients to use their data to optimize their business and productivity. But – we do more than that. At our core, L-Tron is helping our clients to help their customers. This means we are saving lives by manufacturing critical healthcare components, keeping the roads safer with barcode scanning devices for public safety and vehicle inspections, serving justice with crime scene investigation tools and so much more. 

Partnering with clients to increase efficiency & productivity by automating their data collection and workflow processes

We first entered the (AIDC) industry in 1975 as a small technology reseller specializing in barcode scanners. Almost 50 years later, we have significantly expanded our business to provide automation, data capture, and workflow optimization technologies to the government, healthcare, law enforcement, logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing sectors across the United States and Canada.  


While we continue to provide best-in-class AIDC products for our customers, our engineering team now partners with global enterprises to implement customized solutions, as well. Our company and our portfolio of products and services continue to grow year-over-year and we were proud to be awarded a U.S. Patent in 2022 for our OSCR360 system. As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, we consistently operate with excellence, integrity and quality. “Your Success is our Purpose.”  

Our Team Makes All the Difference

The L-Tron team is caring, conscientious, and committed to delivering high-quality solutions and support, evidenced by our day-to-day operations. 

We collaborate with your team to problem solve, identify, and deliver the best solution.

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We provide excellent customer care, including 24/7/365 law enforcement support.

We offer decades of experience and deep product knowledge to help you find the best technology.

we provide lifetime support

We offer decades of experience and deep product knowledge to help you find the best technology.

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We consistently give back to our community and charitable organizations

We combine our unique talents and personalities to think creatively – and to enjoy the process.

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We carefully select the best partners and technology to ensure superior quality.

We develop customized voice-of-customer solutions to meet industry needs.

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