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Team with OSCR360 for fire and arson investigations, emergency management  planning and training to quickly capture 360 degree spherical photos and present a virtual walk through of the scene.

OSCR360 Capture Kit and Desktop Software

OSCR is a two-part multi-use system made up of a 360 degree capture kit and desktop software. Capture 360 degree images in seconds, view the photos on the OSCR tablet, and sync your photos to the desktop software to create virtual walkthrough presentations. OSCR requires little to no training. See all the ways you can use the system below:

oscr360 fire investigation

Fire INvestigations

arson investigations



hazardous location mapping

emergency management & planning

Building Documentation

COVID-19 Efforts of Law Enforcement

How is OSCR360 assisting first responders through COVID-19?

  1. Reduce exposure to COVID-19. Get in an out of a scene quickly.
    Take a 360 degree photo in under 4 seconds. 
  2. Limit First Responders on-scene. OSCR is operated by one person. 
  3. Conserve needed PPE.

[Video] How OSCR360 Assists in an Arson Investigation

Meet your New Partner, OSCR360.

In this two minute video, watch how OSCR360 assists Firefighters and emergency management personnel on fire and arson investigations.

Andy McNeill, Director of Forensic Education, Sheriff’s Deputy (Ret.) & Pete Butler, Law Enforcement Support & Retired Volunteer Firefighter discuss how OSCR gives viewers a full perspective look into a fire scene.

Fire and arson scenes are very complicated to explain to anyone not at the scene. Standard still photographs do not capture a scene in it’s entirety. Viewers are placed in the middle of the scene with OSCR, as if they were there in a virtual reality bubble.

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How does OSCR360 assist on fire and arson investigations?
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OSCR360 Software Features

Build context & Show burn patterns

With little to no training, easily build and show the full view of the scene and scene burn patterns. It's hard to differentiate photos from black wall to black wall, especially when there are multiple rooms and locations. Using 360 degree images, you can easily view full walls and spaces from floor to ceiling.

Points of Interest

Use the Points of Interest feature to rule out and identify sources of the fire. Embed digital evidence into your OSCR360 project, including DSLR photos and videos.


Overlay images, blueprints, floor plans into your OSCR360 project for a full view of the scene prior to the fire.


Use OSCR360 projects to train your teams with a 360 virtual walkthrough of scenes. Build projects through preplanning in high risk areas by identifying locations with chemicals, explosives, and gases.

Your Word in the Street


The City of Sacramento Fire Marshal and the Supervising Fire Investigator discuss why their agency purchased OSCR360.

Click the image to watch the video.

OSCR on the Scene

post blast investigation school
OSCR in a firetruck
Springfield FD
post blast investigation school


Here are some frequently asked questions we have heard from Fire Marshals, Fire Investigators, and Fire Departments.
oscr for arson investigation

How much does OSCR360 cost?

A complete OSCR360 capture kit and (1) desktop license starts around $10k. Accessories, such as a 27ft mega mast, and additional licenses are offered for an additional cost. First-in-State discounts are available. Make sure you ask us about this!

How quick can I take 360 degree photos?

OSCR360 works as quickly as you do. OSCR360 can take pictures as quickly as you can walk from room to room. Quickly capture your overall photos in 360 degrees in under 4 seconds. Eliminate bracketing!

Why is HDR important and what is it?

We know you enter dark, wet, dangerous scenes. The OSCR360 Capture Kit allows you to take photos in HDR mode. Use HDR mode to capture charring and scaling, even in poorly lit and dark conditions. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This setting allows you to take and view photos exactly how your eye sees the room. 

How will OSCR benefit my Department?

OSCR brings speed and ease to scene documentation. Quickly take overall photos in 4-10 seconds. Build your OSCR360 project with the desktop software. Embed points of interest and use OSCR projects to show context and burn patterns, use in the courtroom, and /or use for preplanning and training.

Why do I need the desktop software?

The OSCR360 software gives you the ability to walk through a space as if you were there.  It not only contains your 360 degree photography, but allows you to add in multi media files (including blueprints, video files, audio recordings, and more). Create a fully interactive project within OSCR360 and use the final project for continuous training. You can choose to share the OSCR projects with other agencies including schools, hospitals, Police departments, or county officials. You can even use the OSCR360 projects for joint agency training for active shooter drills and emergency management preparation.

What is the First-in-State Discount?

L-Tron is offering significant pricing discounts to agencies who are interested in being the first in your state to purchase OSCR! Contact us below to ask about this limited time program.



See how OSCR360 teams with you for preparedness and pre incident planning, on scene investigations and post incident training and review.

[Article] OSCR360 Everything to Everyone

OSCR360 is one solution that does everything. This spherical photographic solution developed into ever person’s go-to for photography documentation. Learn how Fire, Police, EMS, SWAT, campus security, and emergency planners are using OSCR360.​

[Article]: Q&A What do arson investigators look for in an investigation?

OSCR Edu-Techie Carmella, sits down with her father, retired Firefighter Louis Giancursio, to uncover what arson investigators look for during an investigation. Learn how OSCR360 can help document hard-to-capture evidence.

OSCR360 Fact Sheet

Print, View or Download a 6-Page OSCR360 Fact Sheet. Get answers to some of our most common OSCR questions including what the system costs, what equipment is included, who is using OSCR360 and more.

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