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Investigate what OSCR360 can do for you. Schedule a time to meet OSCR and explore your different demo options.

Built from the voice of law enforcement, OSCR360 is a multi-use system which includes
 a 360 degree spherical image capture kit and desktop software.

OSCR360 partners with you on crime, crash, active shooter, fire and DEC investigations

Remote Web Demonstration

What’s so great about an OSCR360 Web Demo?
With COVID-19 and everyone’s safety in mind, OSCR360 web demos are just like we’re in the room with you, but we’re not! Here’s whats so great about our web demos:

1. Driven by Your Voice
Demos are flexible and tailored to your needs. No two demos are the same. This is an opportunity for you to see how the OSCR360 system would fit into your workflow. Your voice created every feature in the easy to use OSCR software.

2. It’s Interactive 
Have hard questions? Just ask.  Want to see something? We will show you. Ask for the  OSCR360 viewer to walk through a scene. We’re here for you, this demo is yours.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • One of our demo team members will reach out to set up the demo
  • The demo is typically 45 minutes
  • Invite anyone to attend, there’s no limit to the number
  • We will have our web camera on, you get to see us 
  • We’d love to see you, too
  • Get an overview of the OSCR System
  • See real OSCR software projects from other Agencies
  • You get to hang up at any time if this demo is not valuable!
OSCR360 web demonstration

Word on the Street

oscr360 in person demo


In Person Demonstration

*As we all navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, we have paused in-person demonstrations.
Click for our COVID message from our leaders.

OSCR is traveling all over the country. OSCR has traveled to over 500 agencies and 30 states.

  • The visit: a 45 minute demonstration of OSCR360
  • It’s interactive! We will show you how the capture kit and desktop software work
  • Your voice created every feature in the OSCR software, tell it to us straight
  • If your demo isn’t valuable – walk out anytime!

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Interested in more information on OSCR360 web demos or in-person presentations? Fill out the contact form and Julianne will respond to your request within one hour on the same business day,

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