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How OSCR360 assists Officers in Yates County

We frequently get asked if OSCR360 can take measurements.  Learn from our own Andy McNeill, Director of Forensic Education, and Deputy Sheriff (Ret.).  

OSCR360 is an easy to use solution that takes full 360 degree spherical images for pre incident planning, during active cases, and for post response evaluation.

Click above to watch how OSCR360 assists officers using spherical photography on a burglary case.  Simplifying the complicated.

"Initially we were just going to have [OSCR360] on major cases, but when we saw the ease and flow of the work and how it could be utilized, we decided to us OSCR is a fit for most anything [unattended deaths, warrants, crime & crash scenes, cold cases, case recall & more] ."  

– Deputy Pete Butler, Yates County Sheriff’s Office

Interested in learning more?  Click here to read a mini case study.

FAQ: Can OSCR360 Take Measurements

OSCR360 Mini Case Study with Yates County 

A couple people broke into a hardware store on Dundee-Himrod Lane and stole ammunition from the store. They ran out to their car and tried to drive it through the outskirts of a cornfield. They ended up in a ditch and ran. They hid in a clover patch to hide from the responding police. 


[Case Background]

[Pain Points]

Yates County needed an easy way to show the path of travel the burgarers took, along with their dropped stolen materials.  A large geographical area is difficult to convey with traditional photography.

[Why OSCR360?]

Yates County used the OSCR360 & the 27 foot mega mast to take 360 degree photos of the burglary scene. They then used the OSCR software to place the 360 degree photo pins on a map to display the travel path of the suspects.  Multi-media evidence files were also added in to the OSCR360 software to further demonstrate the details of the crime.  The  presentation was delivered to the DA who was able to quickly and easily connect the dots in this case. OSCR360 was also  used in preparation for grand jury and during case prosecution.

What is OSCR360?
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Interested in Learning More?

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