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[Video]: 1. How OSCR360 assists Officers in Yates County

We frequently get asked if OSCR360 can take measurements.  Learn from Andy McNeill, Director of Forensic Education, and Deputy Sheriff (Ret.).  

"Initially we were just going to have [OSCR360] on major cases, but when we saw the ease and flow of the work and how it could be utilized, we decided OSCR is a fit for most anything [unattended deaths, warrants, crime & crash scenes, cold cases, case recall & more] ."  – Deputy Pete Butler, Yates County Sheriff’s Office

[Video] 3. FAQ: Can OSCR360 Take Measurements?

OSCR360 is Traveling the Country! 

[Video]: 2. How OSCR360 Assists on a Homicide Scene 

Hank Kula, Sergeant (Ret.) talks to how OSCR360 helped him on a homicide investigation. 

[Video] 4. Capturing and Presenting Fingerprint Evidence with OSCR360

Watch how OSCR360 assists with fingerprint evidence documentation. 

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