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You can't print money but you can save it with supplies infographic

[Infographic]: You can’t print money, but you can save it with the right barcode labels and supplies

Click image for download form. [Infographic]: You Can’t Print Money, but You Can Save It This free resource is designed to help product managers, CAD designers, branding directors, and buyers/purchasers make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best barcode labels to use for their application.  Did you know all barcode labels are …

[Infographic]: You can’t print money, but you can save it with the right barcode labels and supplies Read More »

L-Tron Launches New Wireless Gateway Router to Improve First Responder Communication

[Video]: ICR-3241 Patrol Vehicle Router User Feedback

Maintaining an uninterrupted, secure connection is important for public safety, Law Enforcement & first responders. You are able to better protect & serve your community with equipment that is durable, rugged and built with Public Safety in mind. View two videos with user feedback on the ICR-3241 patrol vehicle router.

the ultimate ecitation checklist

[eGuide]: The Ultimate eCitation Checklist

[eGuide]: The Ultimate eCitation Checklist This free resource provides readers with a useful checklist and overview of the different types of patrol vehicle equipment needed to complete ecitations. In addition, this guide includes suggestions on reliable law enforcement manufacturers for each product type.   What is electronic ticketing & what equipment will you need? eCitation, also known …

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Selecting the right barcode labels for your finished product

[White Paper] Selecting the Right Barcode Label to Identify your Finished Product

Product identification labels, also known as barcode labels, are essential to maintaining compliance, consistency, efficiency, and growth within your business. However, with thousands of thermal labels to choose from – and dozens of factors to consider – it can be difficult to identify exactly which labels will best suit your business needs. This white paper is designed to guide you through this complex process by providing insight into the label factors you should consider, as well as recommendations for choosing a thermal label supplier.

oscr360 for district attorneys

[One Pager] OSCR360 for District Attorneys

This one-page resource summarizes the benefits of using OSCR360 in the courtroom. As a prosecutor, OSCR assist you in gaining convictions, closing cases and serving justice.

Evolution of the 4910LR Drivers License Reader

[White Paper]: The Evolution of the 4910LR Drivers License Reader

Discover how the law enforcement community contributed to the development of the 4910LR Drivers License Reader. The current model provides a solution to common officer challenges and addresses the pain points Law Enforcement has experienced with handwritten citations and previous driver’s license scanners. 

DEC Hunting Safety OSCR

OSCR360 Uses for Environmental Safety

This infographic highlights Environmental Safety Uses for OSCR360 Download this free resource by clicking the button below. OSCR360 is a two-part multi-use system that includes a 360-degree capture kit and desktop software. The OSCR Capture Kit captures full 360 spherical images. Add multi-media evidence files to your 360-degree photographs within the OSCR desktop software. Present …

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