Revolutionize the way you capture and present crime and crash scene evidence.

Show the facts. Close the case. Justice is served.

Made in the USA

Capture entire scenes and the chain of events in full 360 degrees. 
Bring the facts of the scene or case to life using supporting multimedia evidence files to create a compelling walk through presentation.

OSCR360 was built from your voice by collaborating with Law Enforcement and Prosecuting Attorneys.

Quickly set up and capture crime & crash scene photos in 360 degrees

What is the OSCR360 Solution?

You and your staff can instantly view 360 photos on the OSCR tablet

Securely sync your photos to the OSCR360 desktop app

Present a visual walk through of the facts. Everyone experiences the same view

Build your case.

Add supporting
multi-media evidence files

It's not just a product, it's your 360 crime scene solution.
Built from your voice.

Bring the evidence in the scene or case to life.
With OSCR360, your audience sees the same factual story.

“You are not only capturing 360 degree photos, but you are capturing geospatial relationships and a sense of scale that are not found with traditional still photos. You can relate to where things are in the scene from the photos you take. You are able to 'follow' witnesses through a crime scene and you can bring the visual scene to juries as it was captured instead of verbally describing it.” 

“[OSCR]360 was used in the prosecution of Jonathan Ortiz for Murder in the Second Degree. It was used during the testimony of a main witness in the case [in the courtroom.]  We were able to have the witness walk through the crime scene with the use of the 360. The jury was able to see the witness's vantage point of the events that occurred. The witness was able to articulate where all of the parties involved in the crime were located through the use of the 360. We were pleased with the results since it helped us explain the crime scene to the jury.” 

Your feedback:

Julie M. Hahn, Esq.;
Assistant District Attorney;
Chief, Major Felony Bureau
Monroe County, NY

Dick McEvoy
President, Forensic Imaging, Inc.
Former member of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation

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