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What is OSCR360?

Everywhere. Every case. Every time.

Purpose Built from Your Voice

OSCR360 is a two part, multi-use system designed and built from the voice of public safety. The paired system includes software and a 360 degree spherical image capture kit and is priced to fit your budget.

OSCR is used for documenting various scenes ranging from simple municipal code violations, to biological threats, to the most involved homicide scene investigations. The OSCR360 capture kit assists investigators with documenting scenes and capturing evidence more quickly and efficently. Then, the OSCR360 software allows you to provide a virtual walkthrough of the scene, connect evidence to where it was discovered and give additional context to the investigation.

OSCR teams with you and is used for crime scene investigations, fire service, emergency management planning, active shooter training, forensic science curriculum, environmental safety and more.

How OSCR Assists on Investigations

oscr360 camera and bag

360 Image Capture

Get in and out of a scene fast. In under 4 seconds, capture a 360-degree photograph, associated GPS coordinates and cardinal direction (compass).

Instant Preview & Image Sync

Instantly view your 360 photos using the OSCR tablet. Take the tablet to command staff, limiting the number of officers on scene. Upload your 360 photographs to the OSCR software.

OSCR360 project

Build Your Case

Easily add digital evidence files to your 360 case photos and/ or directly to your OSCR case project. Files include: images, pdfs, word documents, videos, audio, gps pings, and more.

oscr360 virtual tour

Take a Virtual Tour

Use your OSCR software to walk judges, juries, witnesses, suspects, victims, command staff and other personnel through the scene.

[Video]: OSCR360 First to Enter the Scene

“You’ve captured the scene exactly the way it looked like.” – John Dobies, Officer; Investigator [Ret.]

Retired DEC Officer / Inv John Dobies and RPD Officer Pete Butler, Evidence Technician /CLE, have 53 combined years of experience.  Their certifications cover crime scenes, latent examination, environmental and Accident Recon. They offered expert testimony in Monroe, Ontario, and Yates County Courts.  In the video, John and Pete talk about the utilization of OSCR360 for multiple crime scene investigations, including: homicide, hunting related homicide (HRSI), arson, burglary, meth lab investigation, fatal MVA and pedestrian PI. 

Software made simple.

The OSCR360 Software is a game-changer. Every feature came from your voice, and we continue to add new features as a direct result of your feedback. 

You asked us to keep it simple, and we did. Post-production time concerns are eliminated with the OSCR Software. There is little to no training required.

To build your OSCR case project, quickly and easily sync your 360 photographs from the tablet to your desktop. Add all digital evidence (images, pdfs, word documents, video files, audio, and more).

Present a true & accurate walkthrough of any crime scene.

“We’ve been evaluating multiple systems and I feel like yours is the biggest and best bang for your buck.. I’ve been doing this for 11 years & your system is the first one I’ve seen that’s designed specifically for crime scenes and all I can think is ‘FINALLY.’ Nothing is ever designed for us, we’re just an afterthought and this is specific for us. Thank you.”
– Onslow County Sheriff’s Office, NC – Lieutenant in the Crime Scene Unit

Quick 360 Photo Capture

Investigations in 360 Degrees

  1. Purpose built from your voice – 1 complete system starts just under 12k.
  2. Get in & out of a scene fast.
  3. Set up and capture 360-degree images in under 4 seconds.
  4. Reduce officers on scene, eliminate scene contamination.
  5. Easy decontamination with the OSCR360 rain-kit.
  6. Pack and go!

The OSCR360 Capture Kit Includes:

oscr360 capture kit
- First to Enter the Scene -

Who uses OSCR360?

OSCR for Law Enforcement
OSCR for fire
OSCR for crash recon
OSCR for environmental safety
oscr for preplanning

Built to fit your budget

Pricing Information

Your Word on the Street

OSCR users
OSCR users
"The capabilities of it [OSCR360] are spectacular. The capabilities that OSCR provides for someone on the inside to give information to someone on the outside are amazing."
York county Sheriff's office, SC
 "Dr. Henry C. Lee is always looking at new technology. This system looked to be useful for investigations and an affordable price. Something we could use in our courses here at the institute-primarily for training."
Steve Shiner
Director of Training at the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, CT

OSCR in the News

Austin Police Department Texas

Austin PD Purchases OSCR360

Press Release: OSCR360 was purchased by the Austin Police Department. Click image to read.

OSCR360 Featured on 13Wham News

13Wham News explains OSCR360 and how local DAs are using it in several upcoming trials. Click image to watch.

WHEC10 Interview

'A Difference Maker in the Craig Rideout Murder Trial.' Click image to read article and watch a video.

Boston PD

The Henry C Lee Institute Adopts OSCR360

The Institute recently acquired L-Tron’s OSCR360 Crime Scene System for instructional use in its college-level forensics curriculum after an OSCR was shown to founder and world-renowned forensic scientist, Dr. Henry C. Lee.

oscr360 camera and bag

HFM Career and Technical Center Photographic Resources to Aid Local Police

The HFM Career and Technical Center is offering resources to their Criminal Justice program to further enhance forensic photography. Click image to read article.

IATAI crash recon conference

IATAI Crash Reconstruction Conference

L-Tron attended, sponsored and OSCR'd crashes at the 31st Annual Traffic Crash Reconstruction Conference in Illinois. Click image to learn more.

GoodDay Rochester Interview

Team members Trevor and Julianne stop by 13Wham/ Good Day Rochester to discuss how OSCR 360 photography technology is a game changer for juries and for criminal investigation. Click image to learn more.

OSCR360 in front of Dr.Henry Lee Institute

Boston PD Purchases OSCR360

Press Release: L-Tron Signs OSCR to it's first NFL city. Click image to read.

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Your representative Alex Myers was an excellent ambassador to represent the OSCR Software Program. Her intelligence, expertise with the product and dedication to the mission of the L-Tron Corporation to deliver a superior program to photo document the investigative process was clear and impressive to all members that she had contact with during her visit to the Unit.”
 – Commander, Chicago Fire Department

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