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What agencies have purchased OSCR?

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“I love the OSCR camera and the presentation software that comes with it. It is an incredible documentation tool, I can’t thank you guys enough for creating it. I wish more agencies and DA’s Offices would use it!”

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How is Bettendorf PD partnered with OSCR?

“We had a significant collision on four lane road Wednesday in a construction zone. The extended tripod/mast with OSCR saved the day the following morning when we came back to measure the scene. Not only did it photograph the marks we had already seen the previous day but it actually exposed some marks that we had not been visible to us. These marks will be crucial in showing the rotation of the vehicles and collaborating CDR data. Due to power lines and the need to keep traffic moving a drone would not have even been an option.”

The Bettendorf Police Department purchased OSCR360 in July of 2019.

What first responders are saying...

North Carolina, Lieutenant

“I’ve been doing this for 11 years and your system is the first one I’ve seen that’s designed specifically for crime scenes and all I can think is “FINALLY”. Nothing is ever designed for us, we’re just an afterthought and this is specific for us. Thank you.”

California, Police Department

“We just bought a laser scanner…as in, it’s still in the box. It’s going to take us months to get trained, operational, etc. with it. This is super easy and it’s going to make a huge impact for us.”

South Carolina, Sergeant

“OSCR is doing great!  It is a huge asset to our department!”

North Carolina, Lieutenant

“I have been using OSCR like crazy.  It has really been a great purchase and time saver.”

North Carolina, Sheriff's Office

“We are in love with OSCR; he goes everywhere with us!”

Virginia, Assist. Fire Marshal

“This saves us time. Instead of taking 20+ photos just to get your overalls you can take what, 3 or 4, and then move on? That’s awesome. For 1 man operations, when you’re the only investigator that responds, this would be huge.”

OSCR360 User

“Cops are a pain in the ass to deal with. But guess what, these guys love using OSCR. They actually love using it and taking it out. They’re putting it in their cars every single day. We brought in demo cars for them to test drive and figure out what they liked. They drove them for 20 minutes and said nope and wouldn’t get back in it because they’re just stubborn but they LOVE OSCR. [chuckling] It’s so stinking easy to set up and use.”

New York, Sergeant (Ret.)

“OSCR360 eliminates the need for anyone other than critical personnel to enter a crime scene, keeping it in pristine condition without people trampling your evidence. You bring the scene to them – imagine showing the scene to command, investigators, district attorneys, and lab personnel, in its entirety, without them being there. Imagine placing witnesses and victims back in the middle of the scene to help them remember details. With OSCR360, everyone views the scenes in a whole new way.”

Michigan, Captain

“We have been using the OSCR360 a lot.  We love this thing.  One of the best purchases we’ve made in a while.  Best part, got it through a grant..no cost to us.” 

Pennsylvania, Detective

“We’ve used it [OSCR] on a couple different kinds of cases. It really comes in handy at search warrants because it makes it so easy to get overall pictures of the entire house, apartment, etc. We’ve also used it for outside scenes. It is very user friendly. No issues operating it thus far.”

Florida, Corporal

“Wow, that’s so stinking cool. This is blowing my mind.”

California, Forensic Investigator

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday. This product is just amazing. It’s so easy and so fast. It’s just amazing.”

Iowa, Police Department

“On Saturday afternoon our Sheriff’s Dept had a homicide just a stone’s throw outside of our agency. They had heard about OSCR and requested assistance in documenting the scene. Their investigations team was very impressed with OSCR.”

New York, Rideout Murder Trial, Juror #9

“I thought it [OSCR360] helped consolidate all the information we had to consider and make things clearer.

Kentucky, Fire Department

“You can put a big ‘L’ next to our name because we LOVE this! I understand it. It’s what we’ve been looking for. You’ve sold me.”

Illinois, Detective

“This is a better end product and visualization than what we have for this case already. I’d like to use this as our case management program for this case anyway since everything happened in the car, we can put all of our evidence into the vehicle and note where it was found”

Illinois, Crash Team Member

“This [OSCR360] seems to be the perfect tool to supplement what we’re already doing without the cost associated with the laser scanner. It’s quicker which means we can open up roads faster and we don’t have to explain the complexity on stand. Yeah, I like it.”

Virginia, Crash Recon Team

“Our total stations are a bit outdated and our officers aren’t all trained on the BCI’s Leica’s. This seems so simple you don’t need training and everyone could use it. Plus, we can document the crash so much quicker it’ll allow us to open roads so much faster. I like it.”

Virginia, Police Department

“Photos are never going away. That’s what a jury wants to see. They don’t care about the measurements unless it changes the science and we can pull tapes or run a total station for the few we need. Photos are the important piece.”

Virginia, Police Agency

“Look at how quickly it takes the pictures. We only use our Leicas for major cases and convoluted homicides. What we’ve found is that our commonwealth attorneys like the 360s…and really only need minimal measurements if any. They don’t need the complexity and don’t want to explain it. We end up using the 360 much more often than the laser because it’s faster and it’s what they want.”

Michigan, Police Captain

“I’ve been looking at the laser scanners but they’re so expensive. Our chief and I agree, it’s not worth the cost for the few things we’d use it on. But this [OSCR] we would use this daily. We’re going to get this.”

New York, Professor of Criminal Justice

“I think this [OSCR360] is a great tool. “

New York, Police Officer

“Good product, easy to use, it takes just a couple seconds to set up and you’re good to go.”

New York, Crime Scene Tech

“You can’t schedule a homicide or accident. The ability to go out in the sleet or rain and get a clear shot of a scene is huge.”

Connecticut, Sergeant

“OSCR360 is a gift to crash reconstruction. It typically takes an average of 45 minutes to take still photos of a crash scene. With OSCR360, I was able to capture everything I needed in 30 seconds. This equipment easily allows us to document a collision in a clear and concise manner & shows a true and accurate depiction of the crash and the environment.”

New York, Investigator

“Taking pictures of houses and small spaces is really hard to do. We’re backing ourselves into corners and holding the camera way back to try and get the whole room and then we have to do it again and again for each corner of the room. With this [OSCR360] all we’d have to do is plop the tripod down in the middle of the room, hide, and snap the picture on the tablet. Then we’d get everything in one shot and just have to take close ups of evidence. This would save us so much time and make our jobs so much easier; especially for a small department like us.”

South Carolina, York County Sheriff's Office

“The capabilities of it [OSCR360] are spectacular. The capabilities that OSCR provides for someone on the inside to give information to someone on the outside are amazing.”

Virginia, Fire Investigator

“We could use this for pre-fire planning in hospitals, pre-incident planning & active shooter response. If there’s an active shooter, we are going in the school to respond because we are law enforcement. We could use it for that. We could use this for training sessions.”

Florida, Police Sergeant

“I’ve been doing a similar thing manually and on paper for years that I’m attempting to digitize but this would just make it so much easier. I can take 360s, import blueprints and maps, and then embed all of my inspection and/or FEMA documentation in one project and send it off. Amazing.”

North Carolina, Police Agency

“This is absolutely phenomenal. Juries want to see the scene and sometimes we end up doing scene visits with our juries because they so badly want to see the scene. As soon as that person sits in the jury box, they think they’re instantly an investigator and are trying to evaluate if you did your job. This allows them to think they’re an investigator and also take them to the scene remotely. I absolutely love this.”

North Carolina, Major

“I have to head out to my next meeting but you’ve sold me. I’ll say this – I appreciate the fact that you didn’t try to sell me. I felt like you were educating me on your product and not trying to sell me and that doesn’t happen often. Thank you for coming today.”

South Carolina, Fire Marshal

“Oh there’s so many uses for this. I can see us using this [OSCR360] in operations, fire prevention, fire investigations, pre-planning… Yeah this is great.”

Virginia, Mastor Detective

“Thank you for coming by our Agency. We are very pleased with the OSCR360! The user-friendly aspects are really, really appreciated by our folks. ”

Virginia, Major

“I was a little skeptical about how this was going to go and if we really were going to use it so I called the York County Sheriff’s [Office] and they said they absolutely love it. Now I do too!”

West Virginia, Fire Marshal

“This is not cloud based. And I really like that.”

Police Department Lieutenant

“We don’t have a lot of resources but we need something to add to our toolbox and this [OSCR360] is exactly what I’ve been looking for for my team.”

New Jersey, Police Department

“It’s time for us to move into the 21st century and [OSCR360] not only moves us there but launches us into it.”

Virginia, Crime Scene Investigator

“I was not expecting this to be as fast as it is and that to me makes it worth it. I’d use this all the time.”

Georgia, Police Department

“We’ve been looking for something to help tie all the pieces together and really present a case. This seems like it would do just that. I’m all for it.”

Georgia, Environmental Safety

“This is by far the easiest piece of equipment that I’ve seen and trust me, we’ve demo-ed a lot of systems. It’s fast too.”

New York, Deputy

“Initially we were going to use it just on major cases, but when we saw the ease and the flow of the work and how it could be utilized, it opened the door so there was no reason not to use it for most anything.”

New York State DEC, Crime Scene Investigator (Ret.)

“In the cases where I’ve used OSCR[360], when it came time for grand jury. The use of OSCR, in my opinion, worked so well hand-in-hand with the jury members. If the jury had a question about the OSCR spherical image that I took of the crime scene – they wanted to see this, or look over here again – I could stand there and move the image to show exactly what they were looking for. Then when another juror asked a question, I could spin around again…I could show it, it gave them exactly what they wanted, and they were satisfied with it.”


“It’s so simple. Connect. Project. Take a Picture. I thought I was missing something but no, it’s really just that idiot-proof. I trained all 4 of my squads in less than a day and they’ve been up and running.”


“I didn’t have time to train my last squad yesterday so I just handed it to the guy, and put it all together and showed him how it worked. It took me longer to assemble it than it did to show him how to take a picture with the software. It took all of 5 minutes and he was up and running.”

District Attorney's Office, Investigator

“I want to see pictures. I’m NOT a [crash] reconstructionist and I can understand this.”

Police Department, Captain

“[This is an] unbelievable tool. For me as a training coordinator, this would be great. I have 7 guys trained to use the Leica with 2 weeks training each, this would save so much.”

South Dakota, Fire Department

“Thank you for your demo today. You did a great job working with the slow video (always a problem – we’re used to it), and I appreciated that you were watching for what we saw so that you knew when we were with you as well as talking through what you were doing. As an educator, I appreciated how you could both ensure all of the important topics were covered and jump to whatever comment or question we had. You do a great job.”

New York, Police Agency

“Just wanted to say thanks for your presentation today! It’s so nice when people are both well prepared and know their product! You were awesome. We’ll be in touch soon!”

Texas, Fire Department

“I could definitely see ourselves using this. Everything about your software and camera is as quick as it can be.”

Texas, District Attorney's Office

“Just wanted to take a second to say thanks to you and your team. Everyone here in the DA’s office liked the demo and felt this would be something we could use in court and for the Grand Jury. Thanks.”

Pennsylvania, Detective

“I think the ADA’s would use this just as much as we would. The software seems really easy to use and walks them through everything.”

Michigan, Detective

“The Sheriff’s Office had us come out to their scene and after I was done they said “Oh my gosh thank you so much you just saved us like 150 photos by just taking 9.” I said yeah it’s pretty sweet. We’re thoroughly impressed.”

North Carolina, Sergeant

“It’s awesome we love it. It’s badass.”

New York, Lieutenant

“The system is great and very user friendly. We recently had a stabbing at 2am with a large crime scene and low light. The OSCR on the extended pole was fantastic. We utilized pelican lights for extra light and the photos came out great. The project was completed and recently sent to the District Attorney’s office. I have downloaded the viewer only mode on their computers and had no issues transferring the project via USB. I am excited to use the project for court proceedings, as I think this will greatly help the outcome of our cases when we present it to jurors.”

State Fire Marshal Investigator

“I’m using this all the time and I think it’s awesome. It’s so simple to use and easy; I’m loving it.”

Connecticut, Lieutenant

“Oh our SWAT guys would love this!”


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