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How much does OSCR cost?

Find the OSCR360 pricing plan that works for you.

OSCR360 featured in Evidence Tech Magazine

Keeping your budget in mind, a single OSCR system starts just under 12K. Built from the voice of Public Safety, OSCR360 is a two part, multi-use system that includes software and a 360-degree spherical photography capture kit. Technical and customer support is included with all systems. This includes: technical support from L-Tron’s Engineers, a 24/7/365 helpline, and in-software help videos. OSCR360 pricing options are offered to fit the needs of all different sized agencies. See all OSCR360 pricing options below.

Payment Plan

Pricing starts at $519 per month
  • 3-year term
  • Option to purchase OSCR360 outright, any time between 6 & 18 months
  • No fee to cancel after 6 months
  • (1) Standard OSCR Capture Kit
  • (1) OSCR Desktop Single Computer License
  • Technical Support 24/7-365
  • Training
  • OSCR360 Viewer(s)

Note: L-Tron reserves the right to changes prices and purchasing information as necessary. Purchasing information as of January 2024.

Purchase Packages

$ 12K
  • OSCR360 starts just under 12K:
  • (1) Standard OSCR Capture Kit
  • (1) OSCR Desktop Single Computer License
  • Technical Support 24/7-365
  • Training
  • OSCR360 Viewer(s)

Note: L-Tron reserves the right to changes prices and purchasing information as necessary. Purchasing information as of July 2023

Exclusive L-Tron Offers

  • Ask us about our First-in-State discount program. Be the first in your state to purchase OSCR360 and receive pricing discounts.
  • Ask us about our Educational Discount.
  • Ask us about our Quantity Discount.
  • Ask us about our Law Enforcement Discount.
  • Flexible plans to suit your unqiue needs. Talk to our team about more payment options.

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For immediate assistance, call Juli at 800-830-9523 or email info@L-Tron.com.

OSCR360 featured in Evidence Tech Magazine

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OSCR360 Pricing FAQs

Exceptional quality, service and lasting support is provided with every purchase. We are devoted to our client’s success. Our client support and engineering teams are readily available for any support that is needed. A variety of support options include:

  1. Technical support from L-Tron’s Engineers
  2. 24/7/365 help-line
  3. In-software help videos

Yes, there are more monthly pricing options and purchase packages available. We work with you to find the best option to fit your agency’s unique needs. Contact us with your specific questions.

Yes – many agencies have shared the grants that they have utilized to help fund OSCR360. Click to view tips to fund your OSCR and a grant list utilized by agencies.

OSCR360 training is included with every purchase. The OSCR training course qualifies for IAI (International Association for Identification) certification credits as well as continuing education credits (CEUs).

Agencies are using the viewer to share projects with attorneys, surrounding jurisdictions, other officers and command staff, and some agencies are using the OSCR viewer in their fleet to view OSCR pre-planning projects.

The OSCR viewer is available to view any OSCR project without the software editing capability. 

OSCR360 Rain Kit
The OSCR360 Rain Kit protects your 360 camera. The OSCR Rain Kit is used by First Responders during biological and chemical threats including MRSA scenes, wet and dripping fire scenes, meth lab search warrant execution, hazardous waste/dumping investigations and more. Easily wipe down the protective housing.

Indoor small footprint tripod
30+ Mega Tripod for aerial photos

Click to contact us for more information.

Your Word on the Street

“This [OSCR360] seems to be the perfect tool to supplement what we’re already doing without the cost associated with the laser scanner. It’s quicker which means we can open up roads faster and we don’t have to explain the complexity on stand. Yeah, I like it.”
Police Agency
"We’ve been looking at 3D scanners and laser measurers for a few years now but nothing that we’ve really wanted to pull the trigger on yet. And at the cost of $80,000 per unit, I can’t put that in all 8 divisions. It’s just hard to sell that upstairs but at your price, it’s much more affordable and accomplishes what we’re looking to do. I like it.”
Police Agency - Crime Scene Leader
"This is absolutely phenomenal. Juries want to see the scene and sometimes we end up doing scene visits with our juries because they so badly want to see the scene. As soon as that person sits in the jury box, they think they’re instantly an investigator and are trying to evaluate if you did your job. This allows them to think they’re an investigator and also take them to the scene remotely. I absolutely love this.”
Fire Agency
“We’ve been evaluating multiple systems and I feel like yours is the biggest and best bang for your buck. The price point is right, the camera and the software. You just get so much more for the perfect price.” “I’ve been doing this for 11 years and your system is the first one I’ve seen that’s designed specifically for crime scenes and all I can think is “FINALLY”. Nothing is ever designed for us, we’re just an afterthought and this is specific for us. Thank you.”
North Carolina
Police Agency, Lieutenant

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