18+ Ways to Fund your OSCR360

18+ Ways to Fund your OSCR360

OSCR360 has been traveling the country, assisting Officers with everything from crime scene documentation and active shooter pre-planning to arson investigations and hunting-related shootings and more. The OSCR360 capture kit and desktop software allows users to capture overalls of their scenes quickly, and then these 360-degree images act as a container to organize and present all of their digital evidence – impressive, right?
While everyone falls in love with OSCR, their first question is always, “How are we going to fund this?”
For government agencies, here are over 18 ways to help fund your OSCR360.

1. Federal, State & Local Grants

Federal, state and local grants are available to help fund your OSCR360. Because OSCR has so many use cases, it can be applied to most major grants. OSCR has been used in the documentation of burglary cases, assault cases, homicides, major felonies, active shooter pre-planning, crash scenes, hazardous waste, methamphetamine labs, arson, and more. Feel free to reach out to the L-Tron team if you have a question about how OSCR is being used – we’re sure there’s a way to fit it into your workflow and make your job a bit easier.

Some examples of federal, state and local grants include;

2. Aid to Prosecution

3. Stop DWI

4. Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

5. Community Oriented Policing (COPS)

6. Homeland Security

7. Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCTA) by FEMA

8. State Law Enforcement Prevention Programs (SLETPP) by DSHES

9. Casino Funds

Casinos are required to pay various taxes and distributions to local governments. Although these are determined on a state-by-state basis, casinos may have to pay admission taxes, wagering taxes, property taxes and local development agreements. These can add up to millions of dollars, dependent on the popularity of a given casino. See where the nearest casino is to your department and if you may be eligible for some of this funding.

10. Forfeiture Funds

Forfeiture funds are the assets received from any illegal activity including terrorist activities, drug-related crimes, and other criminal and civil offenses. According to the US Department of Justice (USDOJ), The Attorney General is authorized to use the asset forfeiture fund for any necessary expenses associated with forfeiture operations. This may include seizure, detention, management, and disposal, as well as general investigative expenses (OSCR’s wheelhouse).

Civil forfeiture “allows police departments in the United States to take assets from people suspected of being involved in criminal activity” and “police departments can use those assets to buy items as they see fit, with few exemptions.” (Thegazette.com/police-forfeitures)

Inside your Agency

Oscar the dogLook within your own department for ways to fund your OSCR360. Oftentimes, there may be money set aside for various projects or initiatives that does not get used up by the end of the year.

11. IT Equipment Funds

12. Training Funds

13. Evidence Equipment Funds

14. Code Enforcement Funds

15. Pre-Planning Funds

How can L-Tron help fund your OSCR360?

L-Tron always seeks to help our customers. If your department loves OSCR but is struggling to come up with ways to support the purchase now, L-Tron is always willing to assist Law Enforcement. We have several flexible options, and are willing to work with you to create a payment plan.

16. Group Buys

Team up with other local agencies, so you can cut costs and you can each have your own OSCR system – everyone wins! L-Tron offers substantial quantity discounts on both the OSCR360 capture kit and desktop software.

17. First-in-state Discount

L-Tron offers a first-in-state discount to the first department in each state to buy OSCR360. Become a champion for OSCR and receive discounts off your purchase. Agencies that participate will provide feedback and partner with L-Tron to continue improving on OSCR – so the software is truly built from the voice of Law Enforcement.

18. Educational Discount

Add OSCR360 to your Criminal Justice programs curriculum. Schools and Universities that will be using OSCR360 as a teaching/training tool for future generations of forensic scientists and investigators are eligible for a significant educational discount. The prestigious Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science purchased OSCR in December.

Share your ideas for finding funding with your brothers in blue via our social media channels @LTronCorp.

Additional Links to funding & resources:

Some of our OSCR customers have used the grants below for assistance with their OSCR360 purchases.

Need help coming up with more ways to fund your OSCR360?

Talk to the L-Tron team, we are always available to help agencies come up with ideas and payment plans that will work for their individual department.

Know of more funding options? Share with us too!

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