Julianne Pangal

Julianne works as a Customer Engagement Manager. Along with assisting the marketing team, you might see Julianne at any of our Law Enforcement conferences or tradeshows. She keeps in touch with many of our Law Enforcement clients to ensure that our products continue to be built from their voice. She will be sure to connect you with the right people at here. When she’s not working or traveling, Julianne enjoys horseback riding, running & finding balance in the yoga studio. She also loves to give back to the Rochester community. Connect with Julianne at any time – email: Julianne.Pangal@L-Tron.com with any questions!


Oscar 360 versus OSCR360
Oscar 360

Oscar 360 versus OSCR360

Oscar 360 or OSCR360: What do our dog and our 360-degree crime & crash solution have in common? The secret is out.. Allow me to provide a little clarity…

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