Oscar 360 or OSCR360:

What do our dog and our 360-degree crime & crash solution have in common?

The secret is out..
Allow me to provide a little clarity surrounding our friendliest co-worker and our newest custom-built solution.

Meet Oscar

Oscar 360 is our happiest co-worker, self-proclaimed mascot and the furriest member of the L-Tron team. He is smart and always smiling. The majority of his time is spent helping our Director of Platform Development, (his owner) Viet. Oscar sees in 360-degrees by running in circles (very quickly) around the L-Tron office, because he LOVES to come into work. Last year, Oscar helped us celebrate National French Fry day and Viet’s birthday. Although we don’t speak to it often – Oscar (360) is our office dog.

“I love it when Oscar comes through the door to work. He lights up the office the second he arrives, he runs around greeting everyone with a smile and a wag of his tail. He has never uttered a single complaint to the HR department (me) and we know if he slightly growls at someone – it means ‘pay attention!'”

– Gayle Fasoli-DeRose

COO L-Tron Corporation


Oscar 360 StatsFrench Fry Day 2017Oscar 360

Age: 3 / Male

Occupation: Best behaved L-Tron team member

Best Friend: Viet

Lunch buddy: Cathy (who feeds him treats all day)

Likes: Running in circles, treats, visiting other members of “his” L-Tron team

Dislikes: Bad weather, haircuts, chocolate, deep snow



Oscar's Slow-mo in the Snow

Now meet OSCR360

OSCR360 is a crash and crime scene solution built from the voice of Law Enforcement. The 2-part OSCR360 solution allows Law Enforcement Officers and Prosecuting Attorneys to more easily capture scenes and attach their digital evidence files. Inspired by a jury duty experience – OSCR360 becomes a container to organize, connect and preserve your digital evidence. Gain depth, understanding and perspective with the ability to provide a virtual tour of a crime scene.
OSCR360 helps to:

  • Capture data – including 360 degree photos, cardinal direction and GPS data.
  • Organize your case.
  • Contain your case information by syncing your 360 degree photographs and adding in all digital evidence files.
  • Connect the dots. OSCR allows users to organize and relate visual evidence, suspects, victims and more.
  • Show truth – deliver a virtual walk through of your case and revisit the scene over and over again.

OSCR was purpose built from the ideas of Police Officers. The solution is easy to use with minimal to no training required. Currently, OSCR has been utilized in over 23 active cases, has been admitted (and accepted) into court as evidence, has been used during closing arguments and grand jury indictments.

Evidence Technology Magazine - OSCROSCR360 stats

Age: Many years, hours & days of software development

Occupation: Crime Scene Photography & Presentation Expert

Closest co-workers: L-Tron. OSCR is the heart of our company & the voice of Law Enforcement.

Likes: The truth, assisting Police Officers and Prosecuting Attorneys.

Loves to travel! OSCR is currently being used throughout NY State and traveling across the country.

Catch OSCR at several upcoming conferences – request a demo.

Dislikes: Being underestimated.

Unlike Oscar 360, OSCR360 doesn’t mind inclement weather & comes with a rain tube to keep him dry.


“[OSCR360] is a no-brainer. I can [virtually] walk through a crime scene with someone. I can take that into the courtroom and walk a jury through the scene. This is just so quick. The innovative side of it is a breath of fresh air. This takes care of some of your photography, overalls of the scene, and videography. Initially, we were going to use it just on major cases, but when we saw the ease and the flow of the work and how it could be utilized, it opened the door so there was no reason not to use it for most anything.”

Deputy Pete Butler
Yates County Sheriff’s Office

So what do they have in common? OSCR360 was named after Oscar the office dog!

When our Director of Platform Development, Viet was working to develop the OSCR360 software, he code-named the project OSCR after his dog. The name just stuck! When the OSCR software solution and capture kit were ready to be placed into the hands of our customers, we knew we couldn’t change the name after all of Viet’s hard work. Look closely at the first letter in the OSCR logo – you will see a bit of Oscar 360 (the dog) in there. Welcome to the sphere.