Investigate what OSCR360 can do for you. Schedule a time to meet OSCR and learn about your different demo options.

OSCR360 is used for crime, crash, active shooter, fire and DEC investigations

Remote Web Demonstration

It’s just like we’re in the room with you, but we’re not! Our team can easily provide a remote web demonstration of OSCR360.

  • Feel free to hang up if it’s not valuable!
  • The demo is typically 45 minutes
  • Invite anyone you would like to attend
  • We will run a video chat in real time
  • View true OSCR software projects from other Departments.
  • It’s interactive – have questions?Just ask!
    Want to see something? We will show you.
  • Your voice created every feature in the OSCR software, tell it to us straight
  • And again… hang up if this demo is not valuable!
OSCR360 web demonstration
oscr360 in person demo

In Person Demonstration

OSCR is traveling all over the country. OSCR has traveled to over 500 agencies and 30 states.

  • The visit: a 45 minute demonstration of OSCR360
  • It’s interactive! We will show you how the capture kit and desktop software work
  • Your voice created every feature in the OSCR software, tell it to us straight
  • If your demo isn’t valuable -walk out anytime!


About L-Tron

L-Tron is committed to providing quality products, solutions and operational excellence.
We utilize a proactive, customer-centered approach and pride ourselves in “getting it right the first time”.

We want every client to have full confidence in our quality standards.
To fulfill our commitment to quality, we develop and recognize individual leaders who strive for continuous improvement, are empowered to act, and execute to the highest level of performance.

“We want every client to have full confidence in L-Tron. Our customer’s satisfaction is fundamental to the company’s long-term success. The commitment to quality by every team member at every level within our organization will drive the quality objectives defined.”

“We want ALL feedback and can be reached at the numbers below. You can expect a response within the hour.”

Gayle DeRose, Partner
800-830-9523 x118

RAD DeRose, Partner
800-830-9523 x114

How much does OSCR360 cost?

One Complete System

$ 10K
  • Complete system starts at 10K.
  • Multiple Uses.
  • Every feature is created from your voice.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • We understand your budgetary constraints. (ie. rent to own)

First in State Discount Program

  • Ask us about our popular first-in-state discount program.
  • Be the first in your state to purchase OSCR360 and receive pricing discounts.

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