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Watch how OSCR360 assists the NYS DEC on a hunting related shooting case. Investigator & experienced environmental safety OSCR user, John Dobies (Ret.) discusses how OSCR assisted on a case in Yates County where property damage occurred. OSCR360 tells the whole story of the case and assists with documentation of all digital evidence.



OSCR360 Documentation for Hunting Related Shootings

Experienced OSCR user, John Dobies, discusses how OSCR360 assists with documenting hunting related shooting incidents and hunting scenes.


OSCR360 Software for Hunting Related Shootings

The OSCR360 desktop software is fast, flexible and easy to use. IEnvironmental Safety Investigators can add in ancillary evidence files and sketches. Hear how John Dobies, NYS DEC Investigator (Ret.) used OSCR360 for a courtroom/grand jury presentation by creating a virtual walk though of the scene.


NYS DEC Investigator (Ret.)
L-Tron Law enforcement support

John Dobies is a member of the L-Tron Law Enforcement Support Team in Victor, NY. He recently retired from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation after a 28-year career as a DEC Officer and 5 years as a DEC Bureau Investigator, during which he spent 15 years as a certified crime scene technician. Recognizing the need for more thorough investigations and crime scene processing, John enthusiastically spearheaded the formation of the Environmental Forensic Unit (EFU) underneath the Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigations at the NYS DEC in 2006.

As the Lead Crime Scene Technician, John’s responsibilities included certifying crime scene techs, acquiring new technology, training other members of the team, crime scene investigations and forensics, and more. He worked with local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout his career with the DEC.

Outside of field work, John has countless of hours serving as an Adjunct Professor. Through his passion for educating aspiring officers on crime scene basics, he shaped Finger Lakes Community College’s new class of Wildlife Crime Scene Investigation and Forensics within the Conservation Department. The class, still taught by John, is now in its 15th semester.

John was introduced to the OSCR360 team at L-Tron in the summer of 2017 when he met Trevor DiMarco on-scene to photograph an HRSI with a propane tank. One-year after the incident occurred, the pair photographed the location using OSCR and later added the evidentiary files taken a year prior to the OSCR desktop software creating a visual presentation of the case. (For more information, watch John’s Videos here).

John’s enthusiasm and infectious personality quickly swept through L-Tron and when it came time for him to retire, he joined the L-Tron OSCR360 team. After successfully using the system (capture kit and desktop software) to articulate his cases to coworkers, witness, and grand jury members, he was sold. Now, John combines his experience as a crime scene investigator and passion for integrating technology into law enforcement by serving as a liaison for agencies nationwide and as a knowledgeable resource for law enforcement OSCR users.

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