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OSCR360 for Crash Reconstruction

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Team with OSCR360 to capture, preserve, and present a more comprehensive and accurate representation of a crime or crash scene – and the environment it occurred in. Quickly capture 360 degree spherical photos and present a virtual walk through of the scene. OSCR was built to fit your budget.

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OSCR360 for Crash Reconstruction

Capture crash and collision scenes in 360 degrees as seen by the investigator. Quickly and easily take 360 spherical crash photos inside a vehicle, at the scene, and/or use a 27 foot tripod for aerial photos; no training required. A single 360 image takes four seconds to capture. Instantly preview the 360 photos on scene with command staff. Capture evidence and marks on the road and OSCR is small enough to capture the interior of vehicles. 

Within the easy-to-use OSCR software, add in multi-media evidence files to your 360 photos including: 911 recordings, witness testimony, surveillance video, overlay crash sketches, and more. Present a true and accurate visual walkthrough of a crash scene.

OSCR360 was built from your voice by collaborating with Law Enforcement and Prosecuting Attorneys. The OSCR system is priced to fit your budget offered at a fraction of the cost of total stations and laser scanners.

How is Bettendorf PD using OSCR360 on crash scenes?

“The goal is always to NOT go to trial. This involves making sure you have all the proper prep work, proper paperwork and proper documentation. If you do have to go to trial, OSCR gives someone perspective – especially for vehicle damage or a crash spread over a large area – that a jury never would have had.”

- Sergeant Andrew Champion

How OSCR Assists on a Crash Investigation


Get in an out of a scene fast. Quickly set up and capture 360 degree photos and the environment it occured in. No training required.


Instantly view 360 photos on the OSCR tablet. Clear the scene quicker, open roads faster.


Sync your 360s to the OSCR desktop software. Easily attach multi-media digital evidence files into your 360 photos. Examples include DSLR photos, security cam footage, 911 audio, sketches and more.


Present a true and accurate depiction of the crash. Virtually walk witnesses, suspects, victims, command staff, officers, judges, and juries through the scene with the OSCR software.

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Built to fit your budget

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How is OSCR360 assisting first responders through COVID-19?

  1. Reduce exposure to COVID-19. Get in an out of a scene quickly.
    Take a 360 degree photo in under 4 seconds. 
  2. Limit First Responders on-scene. OSCR is operated by one person. 
  3. Conserve needed PPE.

Alarming Numbers

0 K
US Traffic Fatalities in 2018.
0 %
Of all fatal crashes were distraction-affected.
0 M
People injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2018.
Number of people killed by a distracted driver in 2018.

Data reported is from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Distracted Driving in Fatal Crashes 2018 Report & NHTSA Quick Facts 2017.

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How is OSCR360 Different from a Laser Scanner?

Authored by Charles Grasso, Sergeant (Ret.)

Not a Total Station, not a 3D laser scanner & priced to fit your budget, OSCR360 is a unique investigative tool used to capture crime or crash scene evidence. The OSCR system allows investigators to show judges, juries, attorneys and other officers a true and accurate representation of a scene.

OSCR360 and laser measuring devices are two separate and distinct tools with completely different functions – although both can be used for crash reconstruction. Laser measuring devices record data points and measurements that are later placed in a diagram, and some are generated into a 3D model of a scene. Click here to read the full article from Ret. Sergeant Chuck Grasso.

oscr360 fire investigation

Word on the Street

“This is easily one of the easiest and fastest systems I’ve seen. I saw something over 10 years and it was no where close to as cool as this. I like this more than I thought I would.”

“We don’t have a lot of time and we don’t have a lot of resources but we need something to add to our toolbox and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for for my team.”

“I’ll tell ya what, your support means the world to us down here and I just admire your company so much. We’ve worked with some other companies that didn’t care about us at all and the fact that I can pick up the phone and someone always answers and can help me is just amazing."

"You can't schedule a homicide or an accident. The ability to go out in the sleet or rain and get a clear shot of a scene is huge."

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OSCR at Crash Reconstruction Conferences

We are excited to be back at conferences after COVID-19.

NYSTARS forensic Photography Course

L-Tron Partners with NYSTARS

L-Tron and NYSTARS work together to bring spherical imaging and OSCR360 to crash experts. April 2018

IATAI crash recon conference

OSCR360 in the Spotlight at National Crash Reconstruction Conference (IATAI)

OSCR was used during a simulated crash test at the 31st Traffic Accident Conference in Spingfield, IL. Click for more. October 2017

PSP Crash

Capturing Crashes with OSCR at the PSP Reconstruction Seminar

OSCR360 was used to capture mock crash scenes at the 2017 Pennsylvania State Police Reconstruction Seminar. Learn more about the seminar here. December 2017

IATAI crash recon conference

L-Tron Sponsors Traffic Accident Reconstruction Conference

L-Tron sponsored a networking event at IATAI on Tuesday, October 3rd. Click for more. 2017

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