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[Infographic] 5 Ways OSCR360 Keeps Officers Safe During COVID-19

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In this infographic, see how OSCR360 keeps Officers safe during COVID-19 crisis.

OSCR360 partners with you on scenes of all sizes including assaults, domestic violence, burglaries, unattended deaths, homicides, and more.

As we navigate through the ever-changing COVID-19 crisis together, Officer safety is critical.

With the OSCR360 system, Officers & investigators can:

  1. Get in and out of a scene quickly.
    Biological threat exposure, like COVID-19, to Officers is reduced by getting in and out of a crime scene quickly. Use the OSCR360 Capture Kit to document a scene in 5 seconds, or an entire house in 15 minutes.
  2. Limit the number of Officers on scene
    OSCR360 is operated by one Officer. Once the scene is documented, the Officer can quickly and instantly show command staff the 360-degree photos on the OSCR360 Tablet. Limit exposure to biological threats like COVID-19.
  3. Limit their agencies use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
    Agencies conserve personal protective equipment by limiting the number of Officers at the scene. Save valuable masks, gloves, and gowns for others. Read the recommendations on PPE from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) here.
  4. Decontamination of equipment is simple with the add-on OSCR360 Rain Kit.
    The protective rain tube housing can be easily wiped down after use. The OSCR360 Rain Kit has been used by Officers during biological and chemical threats including hazardous waste investigations, meth lab search warrant execution, MRSA scenes, wet and dripping fire scenes, and more.
  5. Domestic Violence cases are on the rise.
    Possible COVID exposure is limited by quickly documenting a domestic violence scene with OSCR.

View ‘5 Ways OSCR360 Keeps Officers Safe During COVID-19’ Infographic below:

how can oscr360 keep officers safe during covid-19

To download or print a PDF of this Infographic, click here.

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