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Barcode Labeling

Increase operating efficiency with a barcode labeling system.

Valuable in manufacturing, retail, distribution, healthcare, and other applications, this method makes it easy to track raw materials, finished goods, supplies and company assets.  Automating manual processes like taking inventory, identifying shipments, finding warehouse locations and tracking orders allows organizations to be more productive, reduce labor costs and increase accuracy.

Although time and equipment are required to implement, the total cost of ownership is low based on the benefits.

When planning a strategy, be sure to consider:

  • What materials will be coded?
  • What type of labels will be needed based on environment and use?
  • Where will printing take place?
  • What kind of information will be printed on the label?

With a strong set of tools, including software adapted to your business, an organization can begin minimizing the burden of data entry errors, lost shipments, missing inventory and added overhead associated with manual processes.


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