Resources to simplify your next barcode label purchase.

Barcode labels might seem like a simple purchase. I mean, they’re labels, right? Click “add to cart” and move on with your day. Fairly straighforward.

Well, believe it or not, there’s actually a bit more to purchasing barcode labels than you might think. For instance, have you considered: 

  • What size/shape label would be best for my application? 
  • Which type of labels are best suited for the type of label printer I have? 
  • What color label or ink color(s) will suit my needs? 
  • Which type of adhesive do I need? Something that will dissolve quickly with water, something that will never come unstuck, or something right in between? 
  • Do I need labels that will withstand harsh treatment or chemical exposure
  • How durable do my labels need to be to get the job done? 
  • Are there any particular industry standards my business needs to consider when choosing labels? 
  • What type of ribbon do I need? Do I have the right printer? 
  • What type of cleaner do I use and how will that affect my processes? 
  • What are my current internal processes and how might barcode labeling affect those processes? 

Perhaps you’ve reflected these questions and your barcode label purchase is still simple. Which is great!

However, you may have realized that your label situation is a bit more complicated, or you just don’t have all the answers to these barcode/labeling questions. We’ll get this figured out together. Here are a few resources for your next barcode label purchase:

Resources for your next barcode label purchase

The Test & Check Approach

And we mean “test” and check, not “guess” and check. There’s a big difference. The guessing approach means doing some research on your own and placing an order based on what you think might be best. Not only can this approach cost you a lot of unnecessary time and money – it can also be a highly frustrating process as you order something, try it, decide to order something new, try it, and so on. 

Instead, we suggest talking to our team. We have the expertise and background knowledge that allows us to ask you the right questions to figure out exactly what you need. Plus, we have the resources to let you test out the labels. This allows you to test proof of concept. You can find the right solution for your business without guessing and purchasing an entire roll of labels that might not end up working for you.  

Access to Sample Labels

Zebra Supplies Specialist

L-Tron’s partnership with Zebra allows us to ship a sample to our customers so you can test the size of the material and ribbon that you need. This process will allow you to test cleaners, see how the labels work with your internal process, and assess the durability of the labels in your environment. 

Access to the Zebra R&D Lab

What if your barcode labeling situation is really complicated? Well, we have direct access to an R&D lab (research & development), which essentially means that we can talk to the engineers behind the labels – to solve even the most complex labelling problems.

What exactly does this mean for you? Well, for example, let’s say you’re printing on Tyvek, which is a difficult material to work with. We would consider your usage of specific solvents and ship a roll of material directly to you to test out different ribbons. Or, let’s say you need extremely small printed circuit board labels. Maybe you need vaccine labels on your employee HID cards, that are constantly being swiped/scanned. Or maybe, you need labels for tracking wheelchairs and other medical supplies. These labels need to be waterproof, and hold up to specific cleaning agents because they will be put through a carwash-like environment. These are all real examples, that come from our actual customers.

Our customers have found that L-Tron’s team is experienced and well-versed in all things label-related. We can answer your questions, hook you up with samples, and, should you choose to order through us, we will stand by our 100% quality and service guarantee. We’re ISO certified, and we have many happy customers and positive testimonials.

“You had what I was looking for. Why I will order again? Personal Service, very quick shipping, and high quality products.”

– Cathy