l-tron engineering

How do you Talk to an Engineer?

“So, what do you do for work?”   It’s pretty common to hear this question come up during small talk situations, and most people are able to rattle off a canned answer about their job title, company and a description.  Yet when we asked our team of engineers about their jobs, here are some of the responses we received:   “…no …

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thermal paper for law enforcement

LTC Thermal Paper vs. Brother Thermal Paper: eCitation Accessories & How to Spend Less

High speeds.  Quick turns.  Ice and snow.  Scorching temperatures.  Damp and dreary days.  When was the last time you dusted your patrol car? (Ha!)  Patrol vehicles don’t exactly have the most consistent of environments, which is why departments tend to outfit them with rugged, durable equipment that will perform well in harsh conditions. Law Enforcement Agencies often don’t …

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eight months after COVID-19 began

Where are we Now? Eight Months after the COVID-19 Pandemic Began

Here at L-Tron, we’ve certainly reached a new normal, after eight months of adjustments and learning curves. Our company is a tight-knit group, and we are used to working in close collaboration with one another. As such, the workplace effects of the COVID-19 pandemic meant big shifts for all of us!

Summer hours at L-Tron

Endless Summer at LTC – Leadership generously extends summer hours

Labor Day has come and gone. Summer officially ended and the weather in Western New York has gotten cooler. But just because summer is over and Daylight Savings ended, does not mean that everything “summer” has ended here at L-Tron! Our summer hours have continued…right into fall!

Marketing & Sales Collaboration: The winning formula for a small business campaign

What a year 2020 has been. Amidst everything happening in the world, and at our company, L-Tron was awarded the Rochester AMA Pinnacle award for “Best Small Business Campaign.” We attribute this to the collaborative efforts of our sales & marketing teams, and our ability to adapt & remain agile during uncertain times.

ck65 mobile computer

Introducing the CK65 Mobile Computer: Built to Future Proof Your Warehouse Now

What does the future of your warehouse or distribution center look like? How can you be sure that your technology will last, and remain secure & relevant for as long as possible? The time to make the transition to Android™ with the CK65 is now, with limited time stackable discounts offered through Dec 31, 2020.

police communication

In-Vehicle Routers for Public Safety: The ICR-3241 vs Sierra Wireless AirLink Gateway

Effective and reliable communication is essential to Law Enforcement & Public Safety Officers. Without it, first responders would be in danger of experiencing slower response times, making uninformed decisions, subjecting themselves to unnecessary risks, and even losing lives. Fortunately, in today’s day in age, we have better communication systems and more communication capabilities than ever before. However, this also means that there are a lot of tech options. How can you be sure you’re outfitting your department with the “right” technology?