dpi print resolution

What is the Difference Between 203 dpi and 300 dpi Printer Resolution?

When selecting a printer, there is more to consider than just cost. Print quality and speed, for instance, can each have lasting impacts on your business. Time is valuable, and a printer that is too slow will negatively impact productivity. Yet a fast printer that yields hard-to-read results is no better. This brings us to the question of dpi and how dpi affects print resolution. 

Resources for your next barcode label purchase

Resources for your next Barcode Label Purchase

Resources to simplify your next barcode label purchase. Barcode labels might seem like a simple purchase. I mean, they’re labels, right? Click “add to cart” and move on with your day. Fairly straighforward. Well, believe it or not, there’s actually a bit more to purchasing barcode labels than you might think. For instance, have you …

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Employee ID cards and vaccine labels

Vaccine Labels & Employee ID Labels: What will Work for your Organization?

This Western NY company needed a way to easily identify vaccinated employees upon their return to the office. The plan: Add visible COVID-19 vaccine labels to employee ID cards to identify who’s been vaccinated. Seemed simple, but for this organization, who initially tried creating their own labels, everyday use resulted in worn and torn-looking stickers.

How do barcode labels affect the supply chain - image of a worker labeling a box

Barcode Labels and the Supply Chain: Small Footprint, Enormous Impact

How effectively do you use barcode labels? Long gone are the days of paper tracking and patiently waiting to see when a shipment might arrive. Not only do online retail shoppers demand fast, trackable shipping when they make a purchase, business customers are expecting the same throughout the supply chain. And the right barcode label makes it all happen. How do Barcode Labels affect the Supply Chain?

How to Pick the Right Software – Barcode Label Software

In this series, I will give you a few ideas on what to consider or, better yet, what to ask when you are exploring new software or replacing old software. Let’s be clear that this is not going to be a checklist on full-blown ERP, MRP, or CRM systems. These articles will be geared toward …

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Need Help Designing Barcode Labeling Solutions?

So you’re ready to automate a process by using barcode labeling solutions, but you’re not sure where to start? The following are some guidelines to help you determine what is best for your process. What human-readable information do you want on the label? If the labeled item becomes lost, will a person need to be …

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