by Carmella Giancursio


This guide speaks to the history of traffic citations and why you should consider electronic ticketing. You can explore the equipment that is currently available, and help your agency assess the benefits of e-Citation, impact on Officer safety and funding tips.

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Topics Covered

In this e-Citation guide you will learn:

Citations of Yesterday: Handwritten Citations

Handwritten citations are a thing of the past. Learn the problems with paper and some mind-blowing statistics.

Citations of Today: 


What are the benefits of eCitation?  How does it work? Learn about Officer safety and community improvements.

e-Citation Equipment

What equipment do you need?  Learn the critical components including a DL reader, mobile printer, thermal paper, and software.

Funding Tips

Its no secret funding is hard to come by. Learn 10 tips to help support your decision to invest. 

Choosing a Technology Partner

We've all heard about the 'deploy and leave' vendors. Learn why a partnership is critical to your success. 

An Introduction to Electronic Ticketing

What is electronic ticketing (eCitation)? Start with the basics.







Supporting Resources 


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What's the word on the street?

"...The steps are really as easy as the guide says- pull someone over, gather info, issue the ticket: populate the form, print it out in the car and give a copy to the violator..."

"...This guide is a great resource for those that are new to e-citation..."

"Officer safety is an important piece in this [guide]. I don't like typing or handwriting [citations], you can't keep your eyes on the road..."

- Officer, New York

- Jason C., L-Tron Law Enforcement Tech Specialist

- Officer, New York

"...this guide has been a great tool. The [4910LR] scanners are easy to install and reads the license quickly and easily. Makes my job a lot easier. "

Officer K

South Carolina

L-Tron has a long history of working with the Law Enforcement community. 

Our equipment has been implemented in thousands of municipalities
across 49 states over the last 17 years. Click to view our client list.

 We specialize in hardware for today's squad car. The 4910LR DL Reader is designed specifically for Law Enforcement Officer use to improve accuracy and efficiency for electronic citation, motorist warning, motor vehicle accident and other incident reporting. 

The 4910LR DL Reader pays for itself! This ultra rugged device comes with a 2-year warranty and over 35,000 units are deployed nationwide.


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