Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

OSCR visits Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Just a few short weeks ago, OSCR360 visited Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Check out what we learned on our trip to the central Pennsylvania region.

First stop: Reading, PA.

Known for its pretzels, being the only city in the country where you can start kindergarten and graduate from college on the same street, and having a giant Pagoda that looks out over the city from a mountain. But everyone knew that, right? Yes, I paid a visit.
As I sat with these folks during the OSCR360 demonstration, the audience started asking questions. No problem, there’s always questions. And these were fairly common: How long does it take to take a picture? How do I take a picture? Can I add total station/laser scanner measurements to the map?
But then they began asking questions that weren’t so typical. At least not from this demographic. So, we talked a little more. Some audience members start looking at their phones, and one person left the room. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.
Thankfully, in no time, the gentleman who left came back with some individuals from another division of the city’s public safety force and said, “We were told we just have to see this. Can you show us?”
OSCR on the move - Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaLong story short, I spent 5 hours with these folks talking about ALL of the various ways they could use OSCR360 across their entire city. Some uses they saw included, but certainly were not limited to;

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Fire Investigations
  • Residential & Commercial Inspections
  • Code Enforcement
  • Training Exercises
  • Post-Incident Analysis
  • Trials
  • Case Recall
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Critical Building Documentation

The list goes on…
Over the course of 5 hours, folks cycled through the meeting and brought new ideas for how to use OSCR. It was a great visit.
OSCR in front of PSP

Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Next, Amish country summoned us. Many readers don’t know me or my upbringing. Anyone who does know me, knows that I grew up in a small town in Western New York. So small, in fact, that the Amish community was my parent’s contractor of choice when they built their house. But, it doesn’t stop there. Every time I pay a visit to my home town, there’s a new piece of furniture in my parent’s home. I assure you, none of it came from “big box” or typical furniture stores. Instead, my Dad plays the “guess which shop I picked this up at?” game.
So, heading to Lancaster, PA was exciting for me! I could not wait to compare these Amish to my hometown ‘not-so-famous’ Amish. To my utter surprise, the Amish in Lancaster live in luxury. I was amazed at the level of sophistication that these families have put together. OSCR and I spent a couple of hours exploring Amish country and shops. We may have even made a few friends.
The folks in Lancaster adored OSCR and were impressed with its ability to fill multiple job functions. From investigations and trials, to residential/commercial inspections and emergency preparedness, OSCR truly had benefits for every aspect of their day-to-day jobs.
These are just a few highlights from some of the adventures that OSCR and I have shared over the past 6 months. To read more about the beginning of our travels, check out my blog, “Alexandra has a new partner: OSCR360.
Stay tuned for more fun stories and look for photos from our trips on social media.
Next stop, Richmond, VA!