What is OSCR360? Everything to Everyone

What is OSCR360?

One tool that does everything.

From Spork to Swiss army knife, since at least (201-300 A.D.) the human race has crammed convenience and functionality into singular forms. Whether gear, or strategic approach, today the “multi-tool” reigns supreme.

In the public safety sector, the OSCR360 spherical photographic solution, began as a multi-tool, but developed into a way of thinking – every person’s go-to photographic tool.

Everywhere. Every case. Every time.

Whether police or fire, EMS or hospital, SWAT, campus security, environmental cop, or emergency planner, the 360-capture kit and software fits needs in practically every discipline.OSCR360 components

Originally designed for Law Enforcement forensics, other emergency services agencies are scooping up OSCR360 for things other than crimes and crashes. “’Built from the voice of the user’ – the company’s promotional rallying cry – rings truer every day,” according to L-Tron Director of Solutions Trevor DiMarco. “We’ll be in a demo for Police Officers and Chiefs and the next thing we know is someone is grabbing a Firefighter and a Fire Marshall and saying, ‘You’ve got to see this!”

So what is OSCR360, exactly? OSCR360 began as a way to document, organize, and present crime and crash scenes and the evidence contained within, for prosecution in court. “Early users had a tendency to hold onto OSCR in the office and save it for just the big cases,” DiMarco shared. “But over time, they discovered it was useful in minor incidents, so they started keeping it out on the road and began using it for everything.”

Like little kids who see a friend with a new toy, fire investigators saw partner police technicians use OSCR360 to spherically document suspected arson scenes. Naturally, they wanted one too. Expansion into the fire investigation and firefighting world cast OSCR360 in new light –a training and planning tool – for both fire and police.

“Throw in EMS, emergency planners, incident command personnel, SWAT, bomb squads, HAZMAT teams, clandestine drug lab specialists, hospitals, code compliance, risk assessment … we found professionals approaching L-Tron with new uses,” DiMarco said.

The flexible nature of OSCR360, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, according to Andrew McNeill, L-Tron Director of Forensic Education. From crime scene to courtroom, or training ground to classroom, it’s simply human nature: everything starts looking the same.

“It’s the common thread. A burned wall or couch looks just like every other burned wall or couch,” McNeill said. “It’s the same for crime scenes, crashes, explosions … cases start to blend together; evidence, debris – it all starts looking the same within a scene and between incidents. OSCR provides a visual reference point that gives context to your case content.”

The relationship between details of a scene, be it specific items of evidence or different angles, or a witness perspective is the context a spherical photograph provides. That’s relevant to people who were there – first responders, victims and witnesses; and for people who weren’t – judges, juries, the media, citizens.

“OSCR is the anchor that returns you to the context of the scene. You can visually walk someone over to a specific point in a scene, then bring them back to the center of the scene to re-orient them, then do it again,” said McNeill. “Showing someone one flat picture after another can’t accomplish that.”

Watch a [Video]: How OSCR360 Assists on a Homicide Scene

How OSCR360 Assists on a Homicide

When documenting, organizing, and presenting digital information through the spherical imaging OSCR360 provides, the mission remains the same as a flat photograph – the facts and how they interrelate. No matter the purpose – investigation, organization, training, planning, presentation – communicating the who, what, where, when, why and how is the universal intent.
OSCR law use cases


Everyone. Any agency. Small, medium, large. OSCR360 capture can be learned quickly. Most users, the very first time using OSCR360 take their first image within three minutes of booting up the camera and tablet with little or no assistance. Police officer, firefighter, Command, paramedic, civilian – OSCR360 doesn’t require specially trained personnel.


What is OSCR360 used for? Every case, every incident. Simple documentation of minor damage, or extensive forensic imaging of a complicated homicide over several days – OSCR360 is useful for any circumstance which requires photographs.


Everywhere. OSCR360 fits virtually anywhere – in tight spots where a human or larger camera can’t go; in darker areas (with HDR) where lighting is a challenge; in wide areas where context is critical to understanding.


Every time. Any case. Any incident. Night. Sunny days. Inclement weather.


Shakespeare said, “Every why has a wherefore.” There is an explanation for everything. OSCR360 sets the stage to organize and present digital evidence in the most effective way for the greatest understanding.


Context is king. Communicating how evidence relates to a scene, what the environment was, relationships between people, places, objects, times, and events involved is critical to accuracy. Whether casework, training, planning, or prosecution, OSCR360 provides the complete picture.

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