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Press Release: L-Tron “Signs” Up-and-Coming OSCR360 Solution to its first NFL City – Boston Police Department


L-Tron is proud to announce OSCR360 was purchased by the City of Boston Police Department. The Department recently acquired L-Tron’s OSCR360 Crime Scene System for scene documentation and case organization use by the Crime Scene Response Unit. This unit is responsible for physical evidence collection and analysis for all crime scenes processed by the Boston Police Department.

During a recent trip to Boston last month, the L-Tron team had the opportunity to demo a variety of OSCR use-cases to the Boston PD, including crime scene investigation, collision reconstruction, incident pre-planning and courtroom presentation. The Department was particularly impressed with OSCR’s ability to capture a scene in a 360-degree view quickly and easily. In less than 10 seconds, crime scene technicians can now view their scene in spherical detail.


“As I showed the Crime Scene Response Unit the capabilities of both the OSCR360 Capture Kit and Software, they were impressed first by how easy the system is to operate on scene, second, the speed at which you can capture photos and associated GPS coordinates, and third, how intuitive it is to put a case together within the software.”

– Alexandra Myers, L-Tron OSCR360 Account Manager


Additionally, the OSCR360 software had “so much more to offer” than first met the eye, according to one Officer

“These folks are extremely busy. The fact that you can go back after the fact and embed ANY digital media file into the program and it didn’t take multiple hours of post-production work to put a case together was a differentiator. Anything that saves them time on scene and later during the post production made OSCR360 a ‘no-brainer’.”


“Our team visited Boston PD in the morning and after a successful presentation, we received a call requesting a follow-up demonstration the same day to the evening shift! We are excited to see OSCR continuing to grow across the country, including the recent purchase by the Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science.”

– Gayle DeRose, L-Tron Partner & COO


OSCR360 Travels to MA - Boston Police DepartmentBoston PD employs thousands of officers in its eleven districts, and serves a population of over 600,000 people. The agency handles a broad range of policing challenges that OSCR360 is well-suited for.

The OSCR360 Capture Kit and Desktop Software is a groundbreaking new law enforcement tool that is useful for crime scene and crash scene investigation, incident pre-planning, and courtroom presentation – and new purposes are evolving all the time. Built from the voices of police officers, investigators and prosecutors, OSCR was first developed for homicide cases. Now, not only has the law enforcement community expanded OSCR360’s purposes, OSCR has also been widely sought after in the fire/arson field, environmental conservation organizations, and by educational institutions.

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