2019 Chesapeake Bay IAI Conference


L-Tron & OSCR360 return from the 2019 Chesapeake Bay IAI Conference – held in Richmond, VA


In early April, L-Tron team members Andy and Juli traveled to Richmond, VA to attend the 2019 Chesapeake Bay IAI Conference.

This marked the 4th annual meeting of Chesapeake Bay IAI professionals – which is a geographic area that includes Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia . There were over 120 forensic scientists, investigators & students in attendance. The Chesapeake Bay IAI schedule was jam-packed with lectures, keynote speakers, workshops and networking events.


2019 Chesapeake Bay IAI Conference

When: April 3rd through 5th 2019

Where: Richmond, Virginia

Visit the Chesapeake Bay IAI website to learn more & see pictures from the event: cbdiai.org


As soon as we stepped into the exhibit hall at the Sheraton, Juli set up OSCR360 to capture over-all images of the space. Attendees stopped by the L-Tron booth over the course of the week to meet OSCR and learn how he is being used at various crime scenes. They were drawn to the small size of the system (great for tight spaces – like bathrooms & trailers), the speed with which you can capture a scene, and the ease of moving and using OSCR. Several attendees asked to see how OSCR360 photos looked at night – and we even went outside after dinner to take additional photos in the dark. IAI members saw the value in using the OSCR360 software to provide a virtual walk through of a scene to a jury.


“Many times [a laser scanner] is too complicated for a jury to use or understand. [OSCR360] would be nice for walking a jury through a scene”

– Chesapeake Bay IAI Member


Other 2019 Chesapeake Bay IAI conference highlights included;

  • Keynote speaker Robin Dreeke, speaking to “The Code of Trust – An American Counterintelligence Expert’s 5 Rules to Lead & Succeed”
  • Case Study: The Use of Forensic Spherical Photography in a Greece NY Murder Case – a lecture from L-Tron Law Enforcement Support team member Andy McNeill.
  • The 2019 Chesapeake Bay IAI Buffet Dinner & Forensic Themed Photo Booth on Thursday evening.
  • The 2019 Chesapeake Bay IAI cocktail hour & banquet dinner on Friday night.


OSCR360 for Crime – Investigations, Fingerprinting, Courtroom Testimony

Andy & Juli were excited to introduce OSCR360 to members of the Chesapeake Bay IAI.

OSCR360 is the first to enter the scene – used everywhere, on every case, every time. More than a camera, OSCR360 assists investigators to capture, contain, organize and relate all of your digital evidence. Originally inspired by a juror’s experience, OSCR360 acts as a container to organize, connect and preserve your digital evidence forever. Users gain depth, perspective and a greater understanding of the case with the ability to provide a virtual walk through of the scene.

OSCR360 was built from the voice of Law Enforcement. Thousands of hours were spend collaborating with Officers and Prosecutors. Every feature of the OSCR software came directly from your feedback and was developed with your budget challenges in mind.

Didn’t catch OSCR in Richmond? OSCR is traveling throughout the country and would love to stop by your department. See where he’s been traveling here.


Watch Andy explain how OSCR can be used to document fingerprint processing:

Capturing and Presenting Fingerprint Evidence with OSCR360


Congratulations to our IAI Chesapeake Bay giveaway winner, Marisa.

She received a work station light to aid her on calls.


2019 Chesapeake Bay IAI Conference Winner




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