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What is the OSCR360 Solution?

When? April 12, 2018

Inspired by a juror's experience, the OSCR360 solution becomes a container to organize, connect and preserve your digital evidence forever. Gain depth, perspective, and a greater understanding of your case with the ability to provide a virtual crime scene walkthrough.

Start organizing your case before your first 360 degree spherical image is taken. Create a project (this will be your case/CR number) with the OSCR360 capture kit to document your crime scene. Supporting crime scene evidence can be added to each project/case. Case organization is maintained from capture to presentation.

Built from your voice, thousands of hours have been spent collaborating with Law Enforcement and Prosecutors. Every feature in the OSCR software came from your feedback and was developed with your budget challenges in mind.

Forensic Photography Training Course Information

Where? Rochester, NY

OSCR360 camera and tripod
OSCR360 camera and tripod

OSCR360 has been used on 23 cases/pleas and counting.

OSCR360 Tablet

Pack and Go!

OSCR Tablet & Software

OSCR Camera, Sensor Tube
& Tripod

OSCR Tablet & Software

OSCR360 capture kit bag

All kit components come in this small, 5 pound bag.

1. OSCR360 Capture Kit - No Training Required

The Capture Kit is everything you need for your 360 degree forensic photography.

Purpose-Built and Priced to Fit your Budget

Capture an entire crime or crash scene in under 20 minutes. Reduce the length of road closures and shorten the time officers and the community are exposed to danger.

Quick and Easy Capture

OSCR360 Tablet

This is an economical solution built with your budget challenges in mind. Created from your voice.

OSCR Camera, Sensor Tube
& Tripod

Take 360 degree crime scene photos in just three easy steps with on-screen instructions. No post production or training required.

Pack up your Capture Kit, throw it in the back seat, and you're ready to go!

Eliminate Scene Contamination

Use Cases

Instantly review your 360 degree evidence photography and show command staff and other crime scene technicians on the OSCR tablet.

Reduce Your Time at a Scene

OSCR360 Tablet

2. OSCR Desktop Software - Built From Your Voice

This Solution is Yours

Trevor on scene
staged crime on oscr software


“This is a no-brainer. I can [virtually] walk through a crime scene with someone. I can take that into the courtroom and walk a jury through the scene. This is just so quick. The innovative side of it is a breath of fresh air. This takes care of some of your photography, overalls of the scene, and videography. Initially we were going to use it just on major cases, but when we saw the ease and the flow of the work and how it could be utilized, it opened the door so there was no reason not to use it for most anything,”

OSCR with anciallary evidence





This solution is easy to use, minimal training required. All software features are and will continue to be your ideas. 


Deputy Butler

Yates County Sheriff's Office

Quickly set up and complete your crash or crime scene documentation. Cardinal direction and GPS data are automatically recorded with L-Tron's sensor tube.


OSCR software acts as a container for your case information. Sync your 360s and add in digitial evidence files.


Organize your case by creating a project in the OSCR tablet. This will be your case/CR number. All related evidence is contained in this project.


Today's juries expect to see digital media. Deliver a virtual tour of your case and take the entire jury back to the scene as it was found. 

Justice served.


Use your 360 crime scene photography and digital evidence to organize and relate the visual & audio case data, suspects, victims, & more. Connect the dots.


Use the desktop software to organize your crime scene evidence.


[Article]: Key Components to a Comprehensive Crash Investigation

Overview of OSCR360 for crime and crash scenes. 

Printer Friendly.

[Fact Sheet] 

[Article]: Two Sides of the Story: CSI Effect

This whitepaper will guide you through OSCR360. Hear from police departments and prosecutors who have used it, and how it helps document and organize crime and crash scenes. 

This whitepaper is authored by Retired Sergeant Hank Kula, with 26 years in Law Enforcement. 

[Video] OSCR360 for Crash Recon

Hear from Retired Sergeant Grasso, expert crash reconstructionist, on how OSCR is changing the game for collision investigations.

[Article]: What do jurors expect in the courtroom?

[Article] How easy is OSCR to use?

Learn how easy OSCR is to use in this article series.

Learn tips from an expert crash reconstructionist.


Today's juries are immersed in media. The expectation of having rich media in the courtroom is the same. 

[Whitepaper] OSCR360 Spherical Imaging for Crime and Crash Scenes

Learn about the 'CSI Effect' in our courtrooms and why it is imporant technology is kept up-to-date.

July 2017

January 2018

OSCR360 Provides Compelling Evidence Presentation for Jurors in Rideout Murder Trial
Click to Read.

February 2018

Team members Trevor and Julianne stop by 13Wham/ Good Day Rochester to discuss how OSCR360 technology is a game changer for juries. Click to learn more.

OSCR360 Newsroom

OSCR360 Interview

July 2017

The OSCR360 Crime Scene Solution has been featured in's July Law Enforcement Technology (LET) Magazine. Click to learn more.

February 2018

OSCR360 has been featured on the cover of's July Law Enforcement Product News (LEPN) Magazine.
Click to learn more.

January 2018

July 2017

July 2017

Local company develops game-changing technology for juries.
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July 2017

This 5-hour refresher training is open only to active members of Law Enforcement.
Click to learn more.

PA State Police Recon Seminar Crash demo
PA State Police Recon Seminar Crash demo

'A Difference Maker in the Craig Rideout Murder Trial'
Click to Read Article & Watch a Video.

PA State Police Recon Seminar Crash demo
OSCR360 in LET

Press Release: Rideout Murder Trial

October/November 2017

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GoodDay Rochester Interview

IATAI crash demo with OSCR

Fox Rochester Article

L-Tron attended, sponsored and OSCR'd crashes at the 31st Annual Traffic Crash Reconstruction Conference in Illinois. 

Click to learn more. LET Magazine Feature Article

Expert Crash Reconstructionist Chuck Grasso was on site to use OSCR for crash reconstruction demonstrations.
Click to learn more. LEPN Featured Product

PA State Police Recon Seminar Crash demo

Refresher Forensic Photography Course Announced

OSCR360 Heads to PA State Police Recon Seminar

PA State Police Recon Seminar Crash demo

IATAI Crash Reconstruction Conference

Article Published in Evidence Technology Magazine

OSCR360 Featured in LEPN & LET

An article titled 'Spherical Image Capture for Crime and Crash Scenes' was published by Evidence Tech Magazine. Click to read.

October 2017

L-Tron Announces 2018 Conference Schedule

October 2017

Mark your calendars and come see us at these 2018 conferences.
Click to view schedule.

October 2017

OSCR360 Featured on 13WHAM News

WHEC10 Interview

13Wham News explains OSCR360 and how local DAs are using it in several upcoming trials.
Click to view watch

July 2017

“Taking pictures of houses and small spaces is really hard to do. We’re backing ourselves into corners and holding the camera way back to try and get the whole room and then we have to do it again and again for each corner of the room. With this [OSCR360] all we’d have to do is plop the tripod down in the middle of the room, hide, and snap the picture on the tablet. Then we’d get everything in one shot and just have to take close ups of evidence. This would save us so much time and make our jobs so much easier; especially for a small department like us.”

“[OSCR]360 was used in the prosecution of Jonathan Ortiz for Murder in the Second Degree. It was used during the testimony of a main witness in the case [in the courtroom.]  We were able to have the witness walk through the crime scene with the use of the 360. The jury was able to see the witness's vantage point of the events that occurred. The witness was able to articulate where all of the parties involved in the crime were located through the use of the 360. We were pleased with the results since it helped us explain the crime scene to the jury.”

“I’ll tell ya what, your support means the world to us down here and I just admire your company so much. We’ve worked with some other companies that didn’t care about us at all and the fact that I can pick up the phone and someone always answers and can help me is just amazing. Support is huge for me and you guys have got it figured out!”

Julie M. Hahn, Esq.;
Assistant District Attorney;
Chief, Major Felony Bureau
Monroe County, NY

“We shot from the corners of each room. We went around large furniture so there weren’t any voids – all the areas were covered,” Karch said. “I loved it for the bathroom – small spaces. Before you’d have to try with our regular camera – you’d have to cram yourself into their tiny bathroom and try and get an angle where you’re not in the mirror, you’re not getting the flash bounce or anything like that. With OSCR you just set the camera up out of the way and you get the entire bathroom. And you don’t even have to be in it. It’s awesome.”

“You are not only capturing 360 degree photos, but you are capturing geospatial relationships and a sense of scale that are not found with traditional still photos. You can relate to where things are in the scene from the photos you take. You are able to 'follow' witnesses through a crime scene and you can bring the visual scene to juries as it was captured instead of verbally describing it.”

“I’m amazed at how intuitive this is. Put a couple pieces together, take a picture with the tablet. It’s just that easy! We were looking at purchasing a laser scanner... But it’s so much more expensive and OSCR gives you the whole view of the scene already.” 

Dick McEvoy
President, Forensic Imaging, Inc.
Former member of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation

 Your Voice, Your Feedback

“OSCR360 is a gift to crash reconstruction. It typically takes an average of 45 minutes to take still photos of a crash scene. With OSCR360, I was able to capture everything I needed in 30 seconds. This equipment easily allows us to document a collision in a clear and concise manner & shows a true and accurate depiction of the crash and the environment.”

Investigator Karch

Brighton Police Department

Sgt. Charles C. Grasso III, Ret.

Crash Reconstructionist, CT

Deputy Butler

Yates County Sheriffs Office

“I thought [OSCR360] helped consolidate all the information we had to consider and make things clearer. We wish we could have taken it to the deliberation room...”

Special Agent

North Carolina

Juror #9

Rideout Murder Trial

Rochester, NY

Investigator, New York

Meet the Team

L-Tron Corporation specializes in purpose-built equipment for Law Enforcement. Our equipment is developed from your voice and is being used in over 2,000 municipalities across 49 states nationwide. 

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Our dedicated team of Law Enforcement technology experts have extensive experience and work with you to solve your challenges. We've also added two new members to our Law Enforcement Support Team. Hank Kula is a retired police Sergeant with 26 years in Law Enforcement. Chuck Grasso is as retired police Sergeant with 27 years in Law Enforcement.

Our portfolio partnerships bring you world class solutions tailored to meet your needs. Partnerships include: Brother, Getac, Havis, Honeywell, LEM, Night Angel, Patrol Data, Zebra Technologies and more.

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