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OSCR360 for Fire Departments & Emergency Management

[Infographic] Fire & Emergency Management Uses for OSCR360: Pre-Incident, On Scene, and Post-Incident

OSCR360 for Fire Departments & Emergency Management
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This infographic highlights Fire & Emergency Management Uses for OSCR360

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OSCR360 is a multi-jurisdiction solution who partners with: Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Emergency Management and the DEC.

OSCR360 is a two-part solution made up of a capture kit and desktop software. Take 360-degree full spherical images with the capture kit and add in multimedia evidence to provide a full virtual tour presentation with the OSCR desktop software.

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How can OSCR360 assist Fire and Emergency Management?

View pre-planning uses, on scene uses, and post incident uses of OSCR360 specifically for fire departments and emergency management.

Pre-Incident Uses for OSCR:

  • Emergency Pre-planning
  • Natural disasters
  • Building documentation
  • Hazardous locations
  • Code enforcement
  • Medical calls

On-Scene Uses for Fire Agencies

  • Arson
  • Fire scene reconstruction
  • Hydrant inspection
  • Industrial fires
  • Vehicle fires
  • Hazardous materials

Post-Incident/Training Uses

  • Case recall
  • Trial
  • Investigations
  • Post incident analysis (hotwash)
  • Cold cases
  • Courtroom testimony

“This is absolutely phenomenal. Juries want to see the scene and sometimes we end up doing scene visits with our juries because they so badly want to see the scene. As soon as that person sits in the jury box, they think they’re instantly an investigator and are trying to evaluate if you did your job. This allows them to think they’re an investigator and also take them to the scene remotely. I absolutely love this.”

California, Fire Agency

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