ChildFirst Mobile Software Solution for DSS Caseworkers

Learn How Lee County Youth Development Center is Using ChildFirst

Make information accessible in real time & make reporting easier

Improve caseworker safety in the field

Drastically reduce your manual paperwork burden

Reduce caseworker burnout and turnover rates

Deliver quicker response times to families in your care

With the ChildFirst Mobile Solution, CPS and DSS Caseworkers can deliver better outcomes to children and families in their care.

Simplify your reporting

"Helping you help the children by reducing
massive amounts of paperwork."

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We will customize and replicate your exact forms

Capture photos, video, audio, signatures and GPS location right in the field & during your visits

Generate reports in multiple formats including: PDF, xls, xlsx, html and more

You can do all of your work on your mobile device with or without an internet/WiFi connection

ChildFirst will work on smartphones, tablets, and desktops

End to end data security with AES-256 encryption

CPS caseworkers can easily navigate through different cases

View all case information in one place (including case history)

[Video]: What is ChildFirst?


How do you lock a caseworker out of the mobile device?

  1. To disable a caseworker from logging in, you can lockout their user id and credentials from the ChildFirst application. 
  2. To prevent a caseworker from accessing the software, you can temporarily or permanently alter their access rights.

>  How do you monitor the mobile device in the field?

  1. To monitor the GPS coordinates or usage of the phone and data, you would utilize a 3rd party mobile device management (MDM) application provided by L-Tron or your organization. To monitor the use of ChildFirst, you would utilize the reporting functions of the software.
  2. Utilizing an app on the device, management can monitor GPS location and usage of the device’s cell or data plans.  Additionally, ChildFirst has reporting features that allow management to view use of the software.

>  How do you wipe the device of data/information?

  1. Utilizing a 3rd party mobile device management (MDM) application provided by L-Tron or your organization, you can locate, reset or disable the device. 
  2. Utilizing an app on the device, your organization can disable a device regardless of where it is.

>  What if the case moves to a different county?

  1. If the other county does not have ChildFirst, files and reports can be generated with the software to transfer to the county. You can control where the information goes or if it gets deleted.
  2. If the other county has ChildFirst, the information can be transferred electronically directly into their ChildFirst platform or information can be exported via CSV or XML.

>  Where is all of my data/information stored?

  1. ChildFirst uses the existing Database Management System (DBMS) currently in use by your organization (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.). If your county doesn’t currently have a DBMS, then L-Tron can provide you with that as well.
  2. ChildFirst uses widely accepted standards and can therefore store data in whatever format your organization currently uses.

>  How is case information/data kept secure?

  1. The ChildFirst mobile solution utilizes individual user credentials, along with AES 256 Encryption to ensure the secure storage and transmission of your sensitive and critical data. 
  2. ChildFirst utilizes state of the art data security practices commonly found in sensitive data uses such as Wall Street Banking, and government. 

>  What does AES 256 Encryption mean?

  1. AES 256 Encryption is the Advanced Encryption Standard that utilizes a key of up to 256 bits which is the accepted standard amongst financial and government entities.  It would take an estimated 3.31 x 10^56 years to crack this type of encryption.
  2. AES 256 Encryption is the way ChildFirst protects your records from being read by unauthorized people. 

>  What else can I use GPS device tracking for?

  1. With this functionality, it is possible to geo-stamp where certain documents and/or forms have been created. It can also be used to view where certain addresses are and for directions, etc. It is also possible to know where any GPS enabled device is currently located. 
  2. If the device has GPS capabilities it can provide you with maps,  directions, and locating services. If desired, it can also stamp photos, videos and other documents with a date stamp, time stamp, and location stamp. 

>  What mobile devices can we use?

  1. The ChildFirst Software Solution can run on Android and iOS. Blackberry and Windows support is available upon special request.
  2. There are certain Enterprise devices that we recommend based on your needs and our actual experience from the field. The ergonomics, rugged-ability, and usage needs of your team will dictate what we recommend. Please contact us so that we can understand your particular needs and we can work with you to select the best fit.

>  Why should I use an Enterprise mobile device?

  1. Remote Device Management / Mobile Device Management (MDM) Capabilities
    You are able to manage your whole fleet of mobile devices. With MDM capabilities, you can remotely lock down a user or device, you can wipe devices clean of information, and manage user settings.
  2.  Devices are Rugged 
     Rugged devices are purpose-built for work in the field and can withstand harsh conditions including water spills,  everyday drops and tumbles. 
  3. Advanced Barcode Capture
    Scan engines in rugged devices can capture barcodes that are scratched, dirty, smudged and poorly printed.  The scan speed is also impressive. Users are able to scan and capture barcode information as soon as you press the scan button on your enterprise device. You also have the option to scan IDs such as driver's licenses to populate name and address fields 
  4. Enterprise OS platforms are consistent for 3-5 years, making deployment and maintenance easier.
  5. You have the ability to lock-down the Andriod OS devices.  These devices are deployed without  3rd party involvement. Google Maps and Google Playstore don't have to be included, so your information will not be monitored by any 3rd party. You also have the ability to enable selected enterprise applications allowing you the most flexibility in terms of platform management. 

>  What is an Enterprise-class mobile device?

  1. Enterprise-class devices are secure and rugged. You have complete control over the applications on the device, you can automatically lock a device, you can lock or wipe data remotely, you have the ability to prevent operating system (OS) updates from the cloud, and you are able to remove OS features (ie outside Apps such as Google PlayStore and Google Maps).

>  How does this solution make caseworkers safer?

  1.  ChildFirst offers real time GPS tracking of caseworkers . This gives caseworkers a sense of security and comfort. You can set an expected time duration of a family meeting that will trigger an alert alarm if that meeting goes beyond the scheduled appointment.
  2. There is also an option to add a “Panic Button” feature where caseworkers can trigger a secret alarm in the field.

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ChildFirst Solution: Purpose Built for DSS/CPS Caseworkers


The Challenges CPS Caseworkers Face Everyday 

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Overview of the ChildFirst Solution
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How Secure is ChildFirst?

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How Secure is ChildFirst?
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Time Savings - gain up to 480 hours per year!

[Case Study] Lee County Youth Development Center

Learn how Lee County Youth Development Center is using ChildFirst and how this application is benefiting their agency.

April 27-28, 2017

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