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Did you know?

  • In 2011, 30.8% of filers had their taxes prepared by a CPA, private accountant or notary.
  • In 2011, 17.7% of filers used a professional on-site service to prepare their taxes.

*Statistics from Experian Simmons


If you prepare income tax returns, we can provide a total solution that can help you save time and go green!  By implementing digital signature software and signature capture pad technology:

Tax Solution 2

Leading tax preparation software developers for CPAs recommend the following:

Topaz 1
Topaz SigLite 1×5
Topaz 2
Topaz SigLite LCD 1×5
Topaz 3
Topaz SigGem LCD 1×5
topaz siggem 1x5
Topaz SigGem LCD 1×5

Contact us today to learn more about our tax return solutions. We can provide suggestions, product recommendations, help you calculate your ROI, and more!

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