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thermal paper for law enforcement

When you are evaluating mobile printers for eCitation, think one word: Thermal. Why? Your patrol car environment is unpredictable, and your equipment needs to work – all the time.

It may be tempting to consider inkjet printers, but thermal in-car printers are superior for several reasons. Inkjet printers have many moving parts that tend to wear down due to constant patrol vehicle vibrations. Mobile thermal printers have minimal moving parts, making them much more durable. Thermal printers do not need ink cartridges and require less overall maintenance.

Thermal printers are an important component to mobile officer safety. Compact enough to fit in your already crowded vehicle, they reduce the time you spend on the side of the road by cutting down on paperwork. In addition to your eCitations, utilize your mobile printer for accident reports, warrants, amber alerts, summons, parking violations, warnings and more.

In-car printers for law enforcement come in two common sizes:

  1. 8” Full-Page Printers – Prints standard size and is commonly utilized in the patrol car or SUVs. Brother’s PocketJet 7 is a popular out-of-box and ready to use model. Discover more about the PocketJet7 below.
  2. 4” Mobile Printers – A smaller, more compact mobile printer commonly used by officers outside of their patrol vehicle. The 4” rugged mobile printers are commonly used for officers on patrol with motorcycles or bikes.

Regardless of the size, mobile thermal printers are:

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Built for the extremes you encounter (they will work in extreme temperatures, without discoloring the citation).
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Portable and durable, allowing you to focus on your job.

Below you will find our top recommended in-car printers for Law Enforcement. Don’t see what you’re looking for? No worries – there are dozens of other models available and we can help you find one that meets your specific requirements.

8.5" Thermal Printers


Quick Specs:

  • 200 DPI
  • Printer only model– requires power, USB cable,  printing supplies
  • Prints up to 8 pages per minute
  • Uses perforated or continuous thermal paper


Brother PocketJet® PJ722

Why we love it: You are not limited to just citations for printing, with the 8.5″ width you are able to print out full reports. There are multiple mounting options including: armrest, headrest, glovebox, and under the seat.

The Brother PocketJet PJ722 is a standard go-to for Law Enforcement. This compact model is small and can be mounted in very tight spaces. You can print full size 8.5×11″ citations, reports, etc. You can print on either continuous or perforated thermal paper. For more information on paper, click here. 

Quick Specs:

  • 300 DPI
  • Printer only model- requires power, USB cable, printing supplies
  • Prints up to 8 pages per minute
  • Uses perforated or continuous thermal paper


Brother PocketJet® PJ723

Why we love it: If you are printing logos or images, or a signature you captured, this model has a higher print resolution.

Very similar to the PJ722, the PocketJet723 is another go-to for Law Enforcement. This model prints with 300 DPI, producing crisp text and eliminating smudging. Print on either continuous or perforated thermal paper in standard 8.5×11″ sizes.

4" Mobile Printers

Quick Specs:

  • Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android 
  • 203 DPI
  • Print speed – 5ips
  • USB 2.0 & Bluetooth connectivity


Brother RuggedJet® RJ4230BL Mobile Printer

Why we love it: This model is a smaller footprint, is a bit more mobile and takes up a bit less room in the patrol vehicle. 

The 4″ direct thermal RuggedJet RJ4230BL is a great portable option out in the field. This small, compact 4″ printer is bluetooth compatible and rechargeable. The ultra-rugged design of the RJ4230 is IP54 certified for dust and moisture and 8.6 foot drop protection.

Zebra ZQ520

Quick Specs:

  • 203 DPI
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android 
  • Print Speed up to 127mm per second
  • Built in battery charger
  • IP54 rating, 6.6 drop 

Zebra ZQ520 Mobile Printer

Why we love it: Smaller footprint, carry cases are available to make it mobile.

The Zebra ZQ520 is a light weight, compact and durable 4″ mobile printer. The printer is built with large buttons and an easy to use interface making them easy to handle even when wearing gloves. The dual sided tear bar allows you to tear in either direction, and the printer can be used in any orientation (supporting horizontal and vertical printing).


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