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What is a drivers license scanner?

A drivers license scanner electronically captures the information found on the front of a driver’s license to use for e-citation, accident, and incident reporting.

Driver’s licenses each come with a unique PDF417 barcode on the back, which is approved by the AAMVA (the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators). All of the motorist’s personal information that is found on the front of the license is neatly stored within this barcode.

 Instead of manually hand-writing or typing the driver’s information, officers can instantly scan the barcode with the 4910LR Driver’s License Scanner and the information will automatically populate into the traffic citation or report being filled out on a laptop or tablet.

The 4910LR DL reader is purpose built from the voice of law enforcement, created directly by collaborating with state and local Law Enforcement agencies.

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The Benefits of Electronic Driver's License Data Capture

Officer Safety

Filling out manual citations requires time and attention. Keep your eyes on your environment and complete reports and citations in a fraction of the time it used to take. Maintain situational awareness, get off the roadside quickly, and get back to patrolling your community.

Fast & Error Free

An electronic citation takes 3-5 minutes to complete, whereas handwritten citations can take upwards of 15-20 minutes. In addition to the huge time savings, eCitations eliminate human error and potentially reduce the volume of tickets being dismissed in court.

Purpose Built From Your Voice

The 4910LR is not a traditional grocery store, gun-style barcode scanner. It was developed with input from officers for one purpose: patrol vehicle scanning. The size, shape, and weight resemble an officer’s familiar radio-mic and storage is easy with the Mag Mount add-on.

Efficient & Performant

With a red LED aiming light, the omni-directional 4910LR reads barcodes in any direction, in any lighting condition on the first try, even in bright sunlight and on night patrol. Gray-scale imaging means you can capture signatures, sketches, and license photos to easily attach to your report.

Built directly from the Voices of Patrol Officers and State Troopers

After a casual conversation with a state police agency, it was clear to us that officers were experiencing many problems with their current eCitation barcode scanners. We were honored with the opportunity to build a new eCitation barcode scanner by partnering with law enforcement. Utilizing our knowledge and skills in the data collection technology industry, as well as our internal engineering capabilities, the 4710LR Driver’s License Scanner was born. After years of collaboration and feedback from officers, new generations of the scanner were created, resulting in today’s well-loved 4910LR.

We are proud to work with you, and for you, bringing law enforcement ideas to reality.

Learn more about the history and creation of 4910LR in: [Whitepaper]: Evolution of the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader

4910 Driver's License Reader

L-Tron 4910LR DL Reader

PN: 4910LR-152-LTRK

You told us that you don’t like those heavy, clunky ‘Walmart scanners’ and ‘library scanners, so we went to work for you. Since we came out with the first gen 4710LR, we’ve made improvements to the design based on your thoughts, feedback, and ideas. What’s even better? The 4910LR is compatible with most public and private eCitation software applications, including: TraCS, digiTICKET, MOVE, eCWS, KYOPS, SECTOR, and E-TIX. 

Note: Previous generation models, the 4710LR and the 4810LR, are no longer sold and have been replaced with the 4910LR.

  • Scans in all lighting conditions.
  • Gray-scale image capture capabilities.
  • Upgrade your 4910LR with a magnetic mount clip for easier mounting and storing.

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L-Tron Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR DL Reader

PN: 4910LR-MM

In 2018, officers and police agencies began asking for an alternative to the 4910LR’s standard mic clip. After listening to officer pain points and reflecting on feedback, our team went to work and developed the easy-to-use 4910LR Magnetic Mount.

The Mag Mount was built with a self-centering design, making it quick and easy to secure the 4910LR. As soon as the Mag Mount is close, the high-grade N52 Neodymium magnet engages, pulling it firmly into place.  It’s just as easy and quick to release the 4910LR for use, and the magnet has rare earth properties to withstand the rugged environment in your patrol car.

  • Up to 70lbs engagement force
  • Keep your 4910LR secure, prevent it from going airborne.
  • Compatible with the 4910LR-151 and 4910LR-152 models.

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Discontinued Readers

End-of-life in 2013
PN 4810LR-153-LTRK

Quick Facts:

  • PDF image Reader decodes linear and PDF-417 symbologies and captures images
  • Omnidirectional reading of linear, AAMVA PDF-417, MicroPDF417
  • TraCS compatible imaging firmware
  • EOL (date)

Features of the 4810LR include: 

  • Optimized focal point and illumination for reading driver licenses and registrations
  • Small size
  • Integral microphone button compatible with microphone clip
4710LR DL Reader
End-of-life in 2008
PN 4710131-LTRK-USB

Quick Facts:

  • 2D image reader decoding linear and 2D barcodes
  • Omnidirectional scanning of AAMVA and PDF-417 barcodes
  • TraCS compatible imaging firmware

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