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[eGuide]: The Ultimate eCitation Checklist

The Ultimate eCitation Checklist:

Find the Right Equipment for your Patrol Vehicle

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[eGuide]: The Ultimate eCitation Checklist

This free resource provides readers with a useful checklist and overview of the different types of patrol vehicle equipment needed to complete ecitations. In addition, this guide includes suggestions on reliable law enforcement manufacturers for each product type.  

What is electronic ticketing & what equipment will you need?

eCitation, also known as electronic ticketing, is the process of electronically completing a traffic citation. At a roadside stop, motor vehicle collision, or other incident, the Officer on-scene begins the citation process in the patrol vehicle by scanning the barcodes on the motorist’s driver’s license and vehicle registration. 

While a motorist is waiting for their citation, an officer is utilizing many key pieces of equipment inside their patrol vehicle. Using eCitation hardware and software (run on a wireless network connection), the license and registration data auto-populates into a ticketing template. Then, a report is electronically sent to headquarters. After that, a copy of the citation paperwork can also be printed from within the patrol vehicle.  

Electronic citations prevent manual errors and save time and resources. This results in safer, more efficient roadside stops.   

What is covered in this guide?

eCitation can assist you in serving and protecting your community safely and efficiently, while also helping you perform your administrative duties quickly, effectively, and safely.  

The Ultimate eCitation Checklist covers the types of patrol vehicle equipment needed to complete an electronic citation, as well as some of the best products available for today’s law enforcement officers.  

In addition, the guide will explain the importance of:   

  • Scanning driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations,  
  • Generating electronic citations and reports,  
  • Accessing software programs and online databases,  
  • Securing citation equipment for a safe patrol vehicle environment,  
  • Printing hard copies of citations and reports, and
  • Maintaining a reliable wireless connection.

The Right Partner for Your Patrol Car Technology

L-Tron’s experienced public safety support team consists of retired law enforcement officers, product experts, and engineers. With deep industry knowledge and expertise, we are ready to listen to your needs. We will guide you through the purchasing process, and provide immediate support throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

To bring you the best equipment for field work, we proudly and selectively partner with leading brands. Partnerships include Havis, Dell, Brother, Honeywell, Zebra, and iKey. Click to view all of our brand partners.

We strongly believe that law enforcement agencies need more than a “one size fits all” approach and we are highly knowledgeable about the options available to you. We operate with a 100% quality and service standard, as our primary goal is your agency’s success and safety! Just ask any of our 5000+ public safety clients nationwide.

Drivers License Reader Voice of Customer

At L-Tron, our mission is to educate and give back by sharing knowledge. We create educational content from the expertise of our team of engineers, retired Law Enforcement, developers and client success managers. 

We believe knowledge is power and we want to give that knowledge to anyone who might benefit from it. 

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