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TraCS Solution

TraCS is a Law Enforcement software application originally developed for the Iowa DOT to improve its public safety data collection processes and is now available as a National Model Program for interested agencies. Today, 14 States and 1 Province are members of the National Model.

L-Tron works closely with TEG (the TraCS Developer) and member agencies across the country to improve their mobile reporting capabilities with microphone style barcode imagers, rugged computing platforms, mobile printing solutions and durable mounting equipment for in-vehicle use.  Our microphone form factor imagers are capable of reading 2D barcodes and capturing images.

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy of reporting by collecting data from PDF417 barcodes on driver’s licenses.
  • Grayscale image capture to enhance officer reports.
  • Intelligent signature capture from ink on paper forms.

Using the latest mobile computing technologies to capture and report incident data where it occurs, TraCS improves the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of incident data and reduces user’s administrative duties and paperwork.