This is a full-day forensic photography refresher course. Get your crime scene photos right the first time and have the confidence to escape auto-mode.*Seats are limited.  


This course is approved for:
IAI initial certification credits and CEUs

– Please bring your own camera
– Basic photography skills recommended

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forensic photography

Stop letting your camera control you, learn to control your camera.

Forensic camera settings to provide a true and accurate representation of your scene.

spherical image

Gain an introduction to spherical imaging and how it assists with case organization and courtroom presentations.

What will this intro forensic photography course cover?

Forensic Photography Course Description

This full-day intro forensic photography course will give you the confidence to escape auto-mode and get your crime scene photos right the first time.

Photography is often your primary forensic documentation tool. It underscores the production of “true and accurate” images of scenes and specific evidence. 

Topics we will cover include: exposure values, camera settings, crime scene procedures and macro photography. 

The training will conclude with an introduction to the benefits of using spherical imaging to integrate, organize and relate traditional photography and other digital evidence for investigations and courtroom presentation.

This course is approved for:
IAI initial certification credits and CEUs

Training Details

When: TBA
Time: TBA
Where: TBA
Cost: $150.00

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[eGuide] Your Guide to Forensic Photography

How to Capture True, Accurate, and Admissible Crime Scene Photos

This Guide is meant for investigators & forensic personnel looking to preserving a shot in its original, true & accurate form.

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